U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine Reviews

A drug test is one of the few events that can alter the trajectory that your life will take. For this reason, you would want to be sure that you pass any drug test.

See out controversial conclusion at the end of this article.

One of the ways to ensure you do not fail these tests is by using synthetic urine although I would recommend using the available detox strategies first. However, if you find yourself caught up with time, the synthetic urine option should be your best bet at passing any drug test. Upass Synthetic Urine is a product that is available for such a purpose. I have experience with using this product, and the following is what I can tell you about it.

The specific product that I used was Upass Synthetic Urine version 8.4, which according to the description, promises a 99 percent negative result on a drug test. It guarantees a pass because it is not your actual urine but mimics all the aspects of human urine. This product has all the properties of urine, including the chemical composition. Upon smelling it, I could not tell the difference between the Upass Synthetic Urine and actual urine. If you are skeptical about how effective this product can be, you can perform a quick Google search and find reviews on the same. Most are positive, proving that Upass may be the way to go if you want to pass your drug tests.

Using Upass is quite easy. First, I had to microwave it for 10 seconds at a temperature of 1000F before shaking the bottle to mix the contents well. I then attached the heat pad to the container and went for my test. The purpose of the heat pad is to maintain the temperature of the fake urine at levels similar to the human body like the real urine. I then presented Upass as my urine sample and easily passed my drug test. Below are the advantages and shortcomings of this product.


• Unlike using detox solutions, you do not have to wait for some time before taking the test. If your test is in a day or two, you can find your way into a store and take Upass with you.
• Upass mimic all the physical properties of human urine; thus, it would not raise any suspicions.
• Its pH levels come in the ranges that actual urine possesses.
• Uric acid concentration is just about what you will find in human urine.
• Creatinine levels measure around 15 mg per kg of weight, as it should for actual urine.


• In more thorough tests, some aspects of Upass may give it away as a fake like, which would still be the case for other brands too.
• You have to pay for it. If you were clean, you would not have to spend the extra cash, which is also the case with using any other fake urine.

Our Controversial Conclusion

Upass ticks most boxes, meaning that it would easily pass any standard drug test. With its latest 8.4 version, you can be sure it gets to as close to real urine as possible. Personally, Upass worked for me, but some individuals had an opposite experience and this is alarming. We don’t want anyone to fail or have any chance of failing. In this regard, I could recommend other options, such as Clear Choice Sub Solution. The product has a good reputation, and it has been proven in tests to pass %99.9 of the time, rather than the %70 of the time like Upass.

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