Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review

Check the Price of TestClear Powdered Urine

What’s up guys? Welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about the test clear powdered urine kit. We’re gonna do a little review on it, and show you where to buy it. But before we get into that, take a look at the links in the description below. If you go to cleardrugtest.com, we’ll be able to show you exactly how to pass any drug test, so you don’t have to worry about it. We all know that drug tests can be scary. It can be intimidating, but if you follow a few simple steps and get the right products, you’re gonna pass with no problem. So, take a look at that and we’ll get into today’s topic.

So, right now we’re at testclear.com looking at their powdered urine kit. This is a very reliable company, but you know, we’ve done tests on you know, different types of synthetic urines, and this one is unique because it’s actual real human urine. So, the tests that we’ve done with the test clear powdered urine kit are great. You know, it’s passed 99 point … I think it’s 99.98 is what our testing came back with, but I think the only reason it may not have passed was because of a temperature issue that we had during the test. So, we’d highly recommend it. It works great. We haven’t had anybody who’s called us up and said “Hey, this human urine hasn’t worked.” So, you know, they’re a very reliable company, and they’re very reliable when it comes to their product. So overall, for our review, we’d give it a go. It’s worth purchasing, so …

They’ve got a bunch of different discounts that they offer you. They have a buy 3 to 9, you save 10%. If you buy 10 of them, you save 25%. A lot of times the reason why people buy multiple of these is because it allows them to practice for their test. So they’d be able to mix it up themselves, be able to put the heater on it, make sure that they’re able to heat it up to the right temperature for their test. So, if you are so inclined, that’s the way to do it. I believe there is a discount code as well, called testclear10. So you’d be able to use that if you use the code. I’ll put that in the description below as well, and then put a link so that you can get that 10% as well. So guys, we recommend them highly. It’s a great company, and if you have any questions, let us know. Thanks for watching, and as always, test negative. See ya.