Does Target Drug Test Their Employees for Weed and Other Drugs?

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that this company administers. You can find them below.

What’s up you guys? In this video today we’re talking about if, Target drug tests. What they drug test for, when do they do the drug tests, why do they do the drug tests? Basically, every single thing you need to know to pass a drug test at Target. Whether you’re using or not.

So, before we get into this, let’s talk about why Target needs to do drug tests. Target’s a corporation, very big company. You know, it’s up there with Google, Microsoft, Wal Mart, and all those big corporations up there. They are federally regulated and watched closely by the U.S. government because of this. They’re making a lot of money and the government wants to watch exactly what they do because, they want their country run in a way that is proactive. And since Target has so much power, they’re watching them very closely because of all the money that they make.

So, they have incentives to test for … Their employees for drugs because they want a good workplace environment for all of the people who work there, and for the country as a whole. So promoting that is going to give you a better country and it’s going to make things a lot easier on the U.S. government to regulate them and so on and so forth. So, when do they test? They test you before working for them, for sure. So there’re interviews before you start working for them. They’re kind of checking to see if you’d be a good candidate. And usually, the drug test will come later.

So, it’ll come at one of the later interviews. And before we kinda get into everything else, I just want to remind you that, check the link in the description below and you’ll be able to see where you can get synthetic urine to pass the drug test. And you’ll be able to see where you can get Toxin Rid, which is a detox that will make you pee clean for a drug test, in the link in the description below. is a place where you can get all of your drug testing kits and products to pass any drug test that you want.

So, let’s continue. So like I said, the pre-employment test is … Usually happens at the later stages of the interviews and you’ll be able to take a drug test then, and use whatever you need to get it passed. So, just expect that for the pre-employment drug test, and you should be fine. They also do, during employment tests … So, random drug testing for people who work there. A lot of times, they’ll gather a bunch of people up and just, bulk and mass drug test a section of people that are working for them. A lot times, they’ll send them to a clinic or they’ll administer the tests themselves. Buy a bunch of kits. Drug testing kits and then they’ll test you for drugs on a random basis. For this, what we recommend is keeping on hand synthetic urine for, if that ever happens and if you know that you’re going to test positive for something that you don’t want to test positive for. Again, link is in the description for that synthetic urine. Super helpful. Usually, I keep one at the office or at my desk and at home or in my backpack, just in case a random drug test happens.

What do they test for? Usually, it’s a five panel drug test. Things like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and PCP, amphetamines, that type of thing. A simple five panel drug test is usually what they’ve got. You also have to keep in mind that, if something happens on the job where you injure yourself or you injure other people. The very first thing that they’re going to do is test you for drugs. So you know, our recommendation is that, if you’re ever on something and you’re working for Target, always have synthetic urine on hand or actively be detoxing just in case … And be detoxing with the Toxin Rid 10-day detox, just in case something happens and you could get in trouble for it.

If they catch you failing a drug test or anything like that, it’s basically, you’re instantly fired. So, unless there’s some outstanding circumstances, I wouldn’t risk it with that. So again, check out the link in the description below. You’ve got everything you need down there to pass drug tests, whether it’s pre-employment or random drug test.

Thanks guys for watching and as always, test negative.