Sure Jell or Certo To Pass A Drug Test – Does It Work?

What’s up guys and welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about if Sure Jell or I think now it’s called Certo can be used to pass a drug test. This is like a huge home remedy type, you know, do it yourself, pass a drug test solution that people are claiming that that works.

So, before we get into that, check out the link in the description below. You can find everything you need and be a hundred percent sure that you can pass a drug test without having to do anything crazy. So, now let’s get into the topic.

Certo or Sure Jell. I think it used to be called Sure Jell now it’s Certo. It’s the same exact thing so you don’t … don’t be worried about if you get Sure Jell or if you get Certo, they’re one and the same. They just rebranded it to Certo to make it look a little better for consumers or whatever … the whatever reason they do that for.

So, it’s basically a liquid fruit pectin. So this is like, basically they take extracts from jams and jellies and super sweet type of stuff and people claim that if you you know, drink one of these liquid pouches of Certo it’ll coat your kidneys and you’ll be able to pass a drug test.

So, unfortunately you guys, this doesn’t necessarily work like that. If you’re taking a drug test, the marijuana or the THC in your urine is going to be detected. The reason people say that this works is because a lot of times what they do is they’ll abstain from smoking or they’ll detox along with taking Certo as a measure and they’ll say, “Oh, Certo worked for passing my drug test.” It simply doesn’t work. If you want stuff that works, check out the link in the description. It will provide you with resources that are professional that will work a hundred percent of the time. So, thanks for watching guys, sorry this doesn’t work, but it’s just the truth and I’ll talk to you soon.

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