Are Stinger Detox Products Legit?

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What’s up guys? We’re going to talk about the Stinger detox here for a second, but before we get into that, please take a look at the description below, or the description on wherever you’re viewing this video, and click on the link to You’ll be able to find all of the tools and products that you need in order to pass whatever type of drug test gets thrown your way. It’s a great resource. We’ve got all sorts of suggestions to you. If you have any questions about what type of drug test you’re taking, what to use, be sure to comment below in the YouTube video. Also, please subscribe. I know you only take a drug test every once in a while, but this information is super important to make sure that you pass every single time because more than likely, you’ll have more than one drug test in your life.

Okay. Let’s get into the Stinger detox. The Stinger product has been around for a long time. I think there’s a YouTube video out there actually of a guy in a suit who looks like he’s 60 years old and he’s talking about the Stinger detox back in 2012. Guys, it’s outdated. It’s cheap, it’s outdated, and technology has advanced so much to where they’re able to detect different synthetic urines now. You’ve probably seen that in the news. People can detect different synthetic urines that have been used for a long time.

Personally, I know a couple people who have used the Stinger detox and failed their drug test. It’s something that we don’t recommend, something that we can’t recommend, because of all the results that people have gotten from it. It’s hard for us to say, “Hey, yeah, the Stinger detox is something that you can use.”

Now if you check out the link in the description below, you can go to a place called Test Negative. What they can do is they’ll send you a synthetic urine that’s updated, new, and that works. These guys have been doing this for 20 years. They’ve got a 200% money back guarantee. We’ve even tested this product ourselves to make sure that it passes drug tests.

This is really important because you don’t want to risk and put your job on the line to use a cheap product or a product that doesn’t cost that much money. Listen, I know everyone wants to save money, I know nobody has a ton of money lying around, but this is important. This is your job. Think about it like, how much does your job pay you a year? Maybe your job pays you $24,000 a year. Maybe it pays you $12,000 a year. What does that mean? What if your job paid you $60,000 a year, $100,000 a year? Whatever number it is that you have in your mind right now, that’s how much this drug test is going to cost you. If you have any idea of how much you get paid, think about all the money that you make having a job and all the money that it takes to buy synthetic urine. Don’t go with a cheap product. Go with Clear Choice Sub-Solution.

The same thing applies to the Stinger 5X. The Stinger 5X is made from the same company. It’s cheap. It’s not something we can recommend. I’m sure … Maybe it does work for some people. Maybe some people have a different type of metabolism that it does work in. Maybe they’ve tested it and it’s worked, but if you want to go with a surefire 100% solution, and surefire 100% solution that has a money back guarantee, go with Clear Choice Sub-Solution. That’s something we’ve tested. It’s something we can recommend.

Again, take a look at the links in the description below. Educate yourself. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t skimp out on a cheap synthetic urine product so that you can save some money when you’d lose your job anyway. Guys, go with Clear Choice. Thanks for watching. As always, stay safe and test negative.