States that have Banned Synthetic Urine and Made It Illegal

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Hey, guys. Welcome to this video. Today we’re going to talk about states that are moving or have moved to ban synthetic urine. We’re going to talk about that legislation. As always, consult your legal professional for your local state laws and consult your legal professional on any legal matters. This video’s just for educational purposes, and the websites that I will be visiting will all be in the description below. It’ll be a URL that you can visit to go visit these resources so that you can read up on it yourself, and so that I can give proper credit to what we’re going to be talking about here today.

According to this article by the blog on, this article was done in I believe, yeah, May 4, 2018, so relatively recently depending on when you’ve watched this video. As you know with law usually it takes quite a bit to get anything to move, it’s always a slow process in general. As you can see here, there’s a little map of the synthetic urine ban. The green highlighted are the states that have already banned it, and there’s a couple of different ones that have it pending on the books to have it banned.

Give your attention to a short couple of sentences here. “Although the bill passed in the Mississippi House, it was rejected by the Senate State. The last seven states …” Sorry, “At least 17 states have pending legislation,” so these are all states that have pending legislation. If we go backwards here, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and you can read on for the rest. I don’t believe Texas is in there, yeah, Texas is not in there. So just something to keep you guys aware of when looking to use or purchase synthetic urine. Be sure to comply with your local laws, please.

Here’s another article about it from, 12 June, 2018. So a little more recently, and it has a list of all these states that have pending legislation to ban synthetic urine. So just keep up with your local state laws, hire an attorney if you need to, and thanks for watching, guys. Pretty short video, but just something to get your attention.

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