Ready Clean Detox Review

Detoxification is the best way of cleansing any traces of drugs in your system. The body does undergo natural detoxification, but this takes a while. You can’t rely on the normal body’s detoxification process if you want to pass a drug test. It’s why you should take a detox cleanser to help fasten this process. A detox product can help you pass different types of tests such as the urine, blood and saliva test.

We have an important recommendation at the end of the article about this detox drink.

The Ready Clean Detox is a detox drink that can help clean traces of marijuana and other drugs from your body. It has been legalized for use and is a 100% safe for consumption. The product does a marvellous job in cleansing all contaminants in your blood and urine for a while. Other than using it to pass a drug test, the Ready Clean Detox helps remove harmful toxins in the body such as nicotine.

This detox drink can help you pass any drug test. Before I began using Ready Clean Detox, I always wondered how one could evade a blood drug test. For urine tests, I always knew I could use artificial pee. But, for blood drug tests, there is no synthetic blood. Is there? Then, I read about the Ready Clean Detox on the web and decided to give it a try. The results were terrific, and I still use it up to date.

What I loved most about this product is that you can purchase a drug urine test alongside it. You can, therefore, get to test yourself first before you go for the actual test. This assures you that you will pass the test without a hint of doubt.

Can Detox Drinks Really Help Me Pass a Drug Test?

It is normal to want to understand if detox drinks in general, do work. Well, yes they do. Detox drinks are a popular way of passing drug tests. The manufacturers of these drinks designed them in a way that they cleanse your system.

But, not all detox drinks work the same. I have had my fair share in using detox drinks that made me fail drug tests. It’s why I decide to do a Ready Clean Detox review so that I can enlighten any person who is in desperate need of passing a drug test. You don’t have to put your career or profession on the line because of the ‘fun’ you had last weekend with your buddies.

How Do I Know Ready Clean is Good for Me?

Despite being very useful, Ready Clean does have some limitations. This detox drink was formulated for the casual user. If you are a daily user, you ought to look for other alternatives such as replacement urine or get the XXtra Clean – Ready Clean. It is ideal for an individual who uses at most thrice in a week. Your weight should also no exceed 200 pounds.

Moreover, for Ready Clean to work, it must be taken 24 hours before the drug test. I, therefore, don’t recommend it if you are presented with an impromptu drug test. But, most companies do inform their employees of a drug test two or three days prior. This gives you sufficient time to prepare.


Below are some of the ingredients which help in making the Ready Clean an effective detox drink.

  1. Nettle – It is responsible for doing the cleansing.
  2. Ginseng – It’s a popular supplement that aids boost metabolism.
  3. Stevia – Another natural cleansing agent.
  4. Fruit Fiber – Eases the elimination process of toxins via the digestive system.
  5. Uva Ursi – Improves urinary health.

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Other ingredients include Milk Thistle, Hawthorne Berry, and Dandelion which all help in cleansing and restoration of the body’s nutrients back to normal. When purchasing any detox drink, I would recommend you take a look at the ingredients. This will alert you in case you have an allergic reaction to any of the substances.

How To Use The Ready Clean Detox Instructions?

If you are reading this, then you have made an excellent choice. A lot of people fail drug tests because they don’t take time to research. It’s amazing how everything in this world has a loophole. Here is a step by step guide on how to use the Ready Clean Detox.

First, Familiarize Yourself with The Detoxification Window

Passing a drug test isn’t computer science but, you must adhere to some guidelines. When you are in the detoxification window, it’s only during this period that you can test negative for a drug test. The detoxification window starts an hour after you complete the Ready Clan Program. This window lasts for only 5 hours. But, you can extend for an extra two hours as long as you drink 16 oz. of water for every hour. Once this period has passed, then you will test positive.

Second, Pre-Cleanse Your Body

Before you take the Ready Clean Detox, you need to first pre-cleanse your body. This will pave the way for efficient detoxification. You should do this two days before you begin the Ready Clean program. If you haven’t got time for this, then an instant cleanser can be your alternative.

During pre-cleansing, you should avoid taking any drugs. You should also keep off junk foods. They tend to slow detoxification. Eat only healthy foods and those that boost your metabolism. Drink lots of water. It really helps in detoxification. Exercising also helps raise metabolism. Therefore, some light exercise 48 hours before you begin can greatly assist.

Take the Ready Clean Detox Drink

Once you have finished the above two steps, you are now ready to take the Ready Clean Detox Drink. As mentioned above, you should take it an hour before the drug test, and it should be taken in 5 hours. During this period urinate as much as possible so that you remove any toxins from your body. When drinking Ready Clan always shake well and drink all contents in the bottle.

Test Yourself before the Actual Drug Test

To gain confidence in Ready Clean, you can always test yourself before you go for the actual test. An hour after you have taken the Ready Clean detox drink, you can use the RU Clean drug test to see your results.

The Xxtra Clean is the Ready Clean detox amplified for people with more body mass. The best price for it that we can find is on TestClear as well.

You will have to collect a urine sample first and then dip the test strip inside the urine for 10 seconds. Put it on a surface and wait for results in the next five to seven minutes. If two lines appear on the control and testing area, then you have passed the test. If you notice two lines but the one on the testing area is faint, then it indicates the presence of a drug substance which is near the cut off level. But as long as there are two lines no matter how faint it is, it is considered as negative.

If a colored band appears on the control area, then you have failed the drug test. This could be as a result of a step you missed in preparation of the Ready Clean Detox, and I would advise you retry the procedure once more.


Having tested negative, which you will if you have used Ready Clean. You can then go for the drug test with confidence knowing that you get to keep your job or sponsorship and all the benefits that come with it. You don’t need to dread drug tests anymore as long as you know the secret behind using Ready Clean to cleanse your body.

Our important recommendation: If you have a larger body mass or weigh over 200 pounds, we recommend using the XXtra Clean – Ready Clean. This drink is specially formulated to do more for those who store toxins easier because of there body mass or weight. If you are wondering if you need it, it is best to use the XXtra Clean for precaution. There are no adverse health affects if you go with the XXtra Clean.