Quick Fix Urine Review

—-2019 Update—-

After many accounts of Quick Fix having problems during the test. We are deciding to recommend Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit as our top choice. After doing extensive testing and ongoing testing, the numbers fall in favor of TestClear’s product. Over time we have noticed Test Clear has an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality products. This is most likely due to the fact that they have been around the longest and continually adapt to the changing landscape of drug tests. There is also a coupon you can use named “TestClear10”.

Has it come to your attention that you have got a urine test coming up in the next couple of days? Worried that you might lose your job or rather you may fail for that interview? Are you trying to find a way of getting yourself out of this mess?

A urine test is one of the least favorite news that employees have to deal with occasionally. Most organizations have developed a habit of carrying out drug tests at their workplaces. This might be a good thing for them because they get to monitor the productivity of their employees. But, it’s terrible for you especially if you fail in that drug test.

Does that mean that’s it for you? Probably not! Before a buddy of mine introduced me to fake pee, urine tests used to terrify me. But, thanks to artificial urine, I can have fun with my friends all weekend long, and in case a drug test pops up. All I have to do is get my hands on some quality synthetic urine. This brings us to an essential question. What is the best synthetic urine?

The Quick Fix Artificial Urine

If you are new to this, things might get a little bit hazy when it comes to finding quality synthetic urine. It’s why I have taken the liberty to do a quick review of one of the best synthetic urine on the market.

Quick fix, as mentioned earlier is one among the leading brands in the world of synthetic urine. It is a product like the rest only that it boasts of a high formula and guarantees that you will pass that urine test. Another aspect that makes quick fix this popular is because it comes with a manual which guides you on what or what not to do. Handling fake pee requires caution because one wrong step can contaminate it thus preventing it from imitating real urine.

Additionally, fake urine can also be used for a couple of other things such as sexual fetishes, as a repellent, for product testing and even pranking your friends.

How Does It Work?

One thing that you need to know about synthetic urine is that it is used to calibrate the machines that are going to be used to test your urine. Quick fix 6-2 is an example of fake pee that is used to calibrate these machines. This assures you that you have a high chance of passing the test.

The quick fix works by imitating actual pee. It is a product of spectrum labs, and the manufacturers ensure that the solution is capable of cheating the testing machines. The formula is designed to read out as real urine, and it’s why the quick fix is the ideal solution for those looking for a way on cheating a urine test.

What Ingredients are In The Quick Fix Synthetic Pee?

For you to pass a urine test, the fake urine must look and smell like real urine. If the technician notices that your fake pee looks illegitimate, then you will be in big trouble. The advantage of using quick fix is that it has all the necessary ingredients that imitate real urine.

That is, it has the required amount of creatinine, urea, PH and looks like real urine. The lab tech won’t be able to notice a thing. You need to be wary of brands that don’t have urea in their fake piss. When I was a newbie, I used to think that uric acid is similar to urea, but it isn’t. I was lucky enough that by then, urine tests never checked for urea. Today they do. And, if your urine sample lacks urea, you are automatically disqualified.

How Do I Use the Quick Fix Urine Kit?

You should worry much about this because it comes with a user guide. In the manual, it describes how you are supposed to prepare the fake urine and the way you should handle it to avoid contamination. Nonetheless, there are some few things that I should share with you.

Never hand in fake piss when it’s at room temperature. Real pee has a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees. This means that you will have to warm the solution to that temperature range before putting it in the quick fix bottle. This bottle can retain this temperature for around 8 hours which is sufficient time.

Will Quick Fix Help Me Pass The Urine Drug Test?

I know you probably don’t want to take any risks, especially if it’s your job that’s on the line. This is why you can use the Quick fix synthetic urine. I have used it a couple of times, and I can bear witness that compared to other fake pee products that I have used, the Quick fix is among the best.

It has the right ingredients and is developed by professionals. Thus, it can help you pass that drug test. And, they do update their formulas frequently. The recent Quick fix 6.2 version has been advanced to imitate real urine.

Are There Any Other Alternatives? – The Clear Choice Sub Solution Urine

The list of fake urine products is endless. But, when it comes to filtering them according to quality and effectiveness. A few stand out. Other than the quick fix, there is the Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine. It is also a popular synthetic urine product that can give you a negative drug test result. It is also capable of imitating real urine and has a track record of more than 10 years in this market.

If you are not sure about using it, then you should check the Clear Choice Sub Solution urine reviews online. This is a product a lot of people can vouch for. If you take time to read the reviews, you will notice that many people acknowledge it for its overall performance. It has the color, smell, and PH level of real urine. It is composed of 11 different chemicals similar to those in urine. Unlike Quick Fix, Clear Choice gives buyers a 200% money back guarantee.

How Do I Get My Hands on Some Fake Urine?

Now that you know how to pass a drug test, it’s time to get your hands on artificial pee. Whether you have decided to purchase Quick Fix or Sub Solution synthetic urine, where you buy the product is very essential. Running to your nearest store is definitely not the best idea. There are counterfeit products and landing on such can make you fail your drug test.

It’s why I recommend that you should always get the artificial urine from the Sub-Solution official e-store or the Quick Fix from BuyFakeUrine. We do not recommend going through other vendors such as eBay or Amazon because you can get a bad product easily. Also, note that the prices do vary from one seller to another.

Final Thoughts

A drug test does determine the direction your life will take. It’s a serious issue and needs to be addressed appropriately. As at now, choosing a detox path may not be the best solution because time isn’t on your side. But, artificial urine can be of great help. Quick fix synthetic urine can help you get a negative result because it can imitate real pee. Sub Solution is also an excellent alternative which can give you a similar result.