U Pass 8.4- Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Well.. Some do and some don’t.

ATTENTION: -We are NO LONGER RECOMMENDING Upass due to many customer reviews. We would like to put a warning out about this product and instead suggest Test Clear’s Powdered Urine.

We have permission from the submitter to post this. Please read one of the many emails that was sent to us about Upass:

Message Body:
I bought the U-Pass ver. 8.4 approximately 3 weeks ago. I used it 1 1/2 weeks ago. I warmed it up to temperature, and then I did said drug test. I don’t know if it makes a difference; but it was a REDACTED drug screen.

I used this system because I had smoked pot approximately 2 weeks before my random test. Six days ago I get a phone call from the lab; they commenced to telling me that I failed my drug screen. I failed it because they found heroin in my urine! The “protein” 6-MAM was found in “my” (U-Pass) urine! My question is, how is this possible? I would have fared better just giving them my urine and having to explain marijuana, versus heroin!?! What the heck!? 

Now, its not only possible that I have lost my job, now; this result will stay and follow me on my REDACTED, REDACTED and REDACTED reports! I really wish I just peed and explained the marijuana! I  have used this system on many locations, I have recommended it to a lot of people. We have never had any problems with this product until this!

I will never use this product again, and I am attempting to warn everybody about it now! Nobody deserves this!  Personally; if I was you, there is no way that I could with a clear conscious, recommend this dirty product to anyone!! NOT even my worst enemy! (If I had one!)

The Best Fake Urine On The Market We Recommend

Our Top Recommendation for Passing A Urine Test

 Instead of recommending Upass as a cheaper option, we now recommend to NOT BUY or use it at all. It just goes to show that you get what you pay for. We now recommend Test Clear Powdered Urine instead. You can find more information on it here.

If you’re about to do a drug test that could determine the direction your life takes henceforth, it’s normal to want assurances that you’ll pass the test.

There are plenty of reasons why choosing a detox path may not be the best solution for guaranteeing a pass in the drug test right now. Not least is the fact that you probably don’t have the luxury of time, especially if the test has to be done in a couple of days. Artificial urine offers better prospects.

The U Pass Synthetic Urine version 8.4 is designed to give you a negative drug test result. The urine is an imitation of real human urine and its composition, smell and color match those of human urine. Presenting this urine instead of your real pee assures you of over 99% chance of passing the test.

If you’re a little apprehensive about using synthetic urine on your test, check out the many positive U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine Reviews online. Lots of people have used this product in the past and acknowledge that they passed their drug test as a result.

Here is what makes U Pass 8.4 unique and reliable

1. Color. U Pass synthetic urine bears the same range of yellow urine color common in healthy pee. It behaves pretty much like human pee and won’t immediately change color when exposed to oxygen, for instance, when the technician is carrying out the test.

2. U Pass also mimics the smell of real urine. It doesn’t emit any unnatural or artificial scent that would make the lab technician suspicious.

3. U Pass pH level ranges between 4.6 and 8. The manufacturers are spot on with this to ensure the pH level does not raise any suspicions.

4. The concentration of uric acid in U Pass is as close to the levels found in healthy persons as possible.

5. U Pass creatinine levels are at least 15mg per kg of body weight, just like they are in real pee.

While the company has done all it can to give you a product that’s as foolproof as possible, you also have a responsibility to ensure that you don’t compromise the results in any way.

These few pointers will show you how:

1. Use the synthetic urine exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. U Pass has to be heated before it’s presented at the lab. The aim is to raise its temperature to match that of human pee.

Microwave heat it for 10 seconds as indicated. Measure the temperature to make sure that it’s between 94 and 100° F. Aim for 100 ° F so that even if it loses some heat between the time, you heat it, and when you present it at the lab, it will still be within the acceptable urine temperature range.

2. Attach the bottle to the heat pad provided so that it retains this temperature.

That’s all there is to it. Be sure to choose U Pass 8.4, which is the latest, improved version.

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