Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Reviews – Our 2018 Critique

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As of January 2019 we are no longer recommending the QCarbo Products. From many people writing in, they have shown to potentially have ill health effects based on what people have said. We have also had reports of people failing their tests while using them in the instructed ways.

We are now recommending the Mega Clean Detox Drink. This drink has been reliable for many years and TestClear stays on top of what is needed to pass drug tests. Thanks.


Qcarbo32 Reviews

Qcarbo32 is a detox supplement that’s considered by many users as a maximum strength cleansing plan. Currently, this supplement is packed in liquid form as well as in grape and tropical flavors. Qcarbo32 features an advanced formula known as Eliminex, which is specially designed for individuals who have large body mass index or those with significant levels of toxicity.

While many people like using cleansers to assist them in detoxifying their systems from the many toxic and chemical substances we are often exposed to daily, there are others who utilize this product to purify their bodies before going for a drug test.

Does it flush out drugs from your system?

Failing a drug test can have some lifetime consequences. If you were going for a pre-employment test, you would miss out on the job offer. If it was just a random test at your workplace, you will probably get disciplined in some instances. In other instances, it can also make you lose your job. Even though you have not used any drugs for some time, some drugs may still get spotted in your urine months or even weeks later.

Given the many stories we hear, you undoubtedly want to ensure that you will pass the test. You have maybe heard that Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 will flush out drugs from your body, but you want to ensure that it works.

How does the urine drug test work?

The urine is among the primary ways that a body expels toxins, so with time, more of them accumulate in the bladder until you pass urine. This process then begins all over again. In particular, when it comes to weed, drug elements can build up in your urine for months or weeks after the last time you used the drugs.

Once you submit a sample of your urine, the testers typically look for any concentrations of drugs that exceed a specific threshold. If they are even somewhat below the set threshold, you will pass the test.

How QCarbo32 works

To begin with, this is not a comprehensive-body cleanser type of product. If it were, it would take a lot of time, and any cleanser that promises you this is a fake. This product is a kind of fast-acting cleanse. The objective of this product is not to clean your body but rather to provide you with clean urine for several hours so that you can safely go for a urine drug examination.

The constituents in Qcarbo include natural diuretics that assist you to pass urine more frequently. This process works to lower toxin accumulation in your urine for several hours and because you will also want to pass the toxin assessment.

It’s is also packed with B-vitamins and creatine. The B-vitamins maintain the natural color of the urine, while creatine is present to replace what you lose from frequent passage of urine. These two ingredients are used by the testers to get those individuals who attempt to cheat by diluting their samples or taking a lot of water. However, since all the ingredients of Qcarbo are entirely natural, they cannot be spotted by any form of test.

How to Use

If you are preparing for a drug test, Qcarbo32 is reasonably easy, but you should ensure that you get the version that best suits you. If your weight is below 180 pounds, go for Qcarbo32 Easy Cleaner, and it usually comes in strawberry-mango and orange flavors. If your weight is over 180pounds, or you have used lots of drugs in the recent past, you should get Qcarbo Plus containing Super Boost Tabs.

The perfect time to use this liquid is approximately two hours before the screening, but it should work in an hour or less. The effects of Qcarbo32 can also last for a maximum of five hours after taking it. That gives you ample time to submit a sample, although it is critical to ensure that you do it within this period.

To use Qcarbo32, drink it with a specific amount of water. Make sure you follow the guidelines carefully and ensure you pass urine several times before you take your test. Once you do this, you can boldly take the test and get on with your day.


• Most of this drink’s ingredients are natural, meaning that you will have a low risk when it comes to any side effects.
• Qcarbo32 might be effective if you are a moderate or light weed user. That is because the product contains various supplements and vitamins that increase the metabolism of your body and help clean your system of drug metabolites and reinstate the levels of body nutrients to normal throughout the detoxification process.
• Money back surety from the manufacturer of the product


• You should follow all the guidelines provided if you want to increase the probability of passing the urine test.
• You may experience cramping, diarrhea, minor nausea or dizziness when using this product. However, if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should discontinue its use with immediate effect.
• You must be on a specific diet on a material day
• The outcomes of this product typically vary from one person to another. However, several factors determine the results, and this includes individual metabolism, lifestyle, how much and how often you consume marijuana and the body weight.


Before consuming, it is essential to check with your physician to establish if there are any possible side effects linked to the list of ingredients. Again, the product has some stimulants on its label; therefore it may not be ideal to take it right before going to bed.

When you check out the reviews over the internet, you will realize that a good number of people have confirmed that this product works well and especially when it comes to flushing out toxins from your system. However, there is a particular process that you should follow for it to work. Whether you decide to try this product or not to assist you in a drug test, the decision is entirely yours.

Qcarbo32 has a lengthy track record of assisting people with their cleansing and detox needs. This product has been in business for more than two decades, and millions of people have tested their detox products during that period. Their reviews are generally optimistic, and they offer a wide range of detox products to choose from.

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