Mouthwash For a Saliva Drug Swab Test

When it’s your turn to take a mouth swab test, you want to be very sure that you don’t have any traces of drugs in your system that can end up in your saliva. Taking a saliva sample is a very common method for testing for drugs like marijuana and any other scheduled, illegal substance.

It’s easier than most people think to get a hold of mouthwash that will cleanse your spit of any toxins or substances that could be banned on the test. There are quite a few different types of mouthwash but we recommend only one type of mouthwash for a drug swab test.

If you go to, you will find the highest quality mouthwash we will recommend. There are other mouthwashes out there, but this one is from the brand that we trust the most.

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James Capes is a long time stoner and advocate of marijuana legalization. He has been around the block when it comes to this substance and knows how to pass drug tests. He's been pulled all the tricks when taking a urinalysis and wants to help others pass with flying colors.

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