Clear Choice Sub-Solution Review – Does it Work?

As of January 2019, we have decided to recommend TestClear’s Powdered Urine instead of Clear Choice Sub-Solution. We have been getting some report and from doing research ourselves, we have seen that Clear Choice Sub-Solution is not up to our standards in the passing rate we want. Test Clear uses actual human urine. This means that when a lab tests for synthetics, they will never find them.  Lab tests are getting more and more complex and sophisticated when detecting THC, and other substances. This is why having actual pure human urine is what we are going to recommend based on anecdotal and actual evidence.

I’m not new to having someone analyze my urine, but I found myself freaking out and quite nervous about my upcoming drug test. At the same time, I was skeptical of submitting synthetic urine, which has failed me once. But then I thought, “I needed this job.” So I looked online in search of the best fake urine out there. Long story short, I ultimately decided to get Clear Choice Sub-Solution and it worked like a charm.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that passing a urine test is simply something you can’t take a gamble. That’s why I highly recommend buying only a high-quality product to anyone who may need synthetic urine. Don’t be quick to give in to all the hype of fake urine products without doing your research. You can also try detox drinks, flush your body with water and pee all you can, or go the sure and easy way by getting yourself a Sub-Solution.

Excellent Synthetic Urine Reliability

There is such thing as pee you can trust. Launched in 2002, Clear Choice Sub-Solution has since provided 100% effective synthetic urine to numerous customers with remarkable consistency. Their 16-year untarnished reputation speaks for itself.

What makes Clear Choice stand out is that their product is updated year after year. On the Test Negative site you’ll see the “New Updated Formula” seal which guarantees that the synthetic urine is a new version. Drug testing standards are now more streamlined and stricter when checking for non-natural substances. The brand harnesses their formulation to keep up with the pace of lab screening protocols.

Artificial Pee In Powdered Form

Unlike most pre-mixed urine solutions sold on the market, the Clear Choice Sub-Solution isn’t actually in liquid form. The powdered presentation makes the distinction and is one of the reasons why the product is deemed most effective. With the synthetic urine powder:

-there’s no risk of bottled liquid components separating from other ingredients, compromising the quality of the urine

-you can prepare the solution right on testing day, keeping the components intact and your urine sample fresh

– Shelf life is longer. Thus you can order a few extra urine kits without worrying about ineffectiveness or expiration date

What’s In The Sub Solution?

Clear Choice is the closest you can get to the real thing as it contains the two most essential ingredients of any synthetic urine product. The Sub-Solution comprises both uric acid and urea among 11 total components including chemical compounds meant to balance the urine’s pH, creatinine levels, and specific gravity. A great addition to the mix is the heat activator for facilitating heat in the most natural way much like human urine that’s just been passed by the body.

What’s not in the ClearChoice Sub-Solution matters too. It’s said to be the only provider of synthetic urine who doesn’t utilize biocide to serve as a preservative in their toxin-free, secret formulation.

How The Clear Choice Sub-Solution Works

A purchase of Clear Choice from Test Negative comes with a vial of a synthetic sample, a vial of heat activator, and a mixing container. Creating the mixture is as simple as combining the contents of the plastic vial into the provided mixing container. Screw the cap back on then gently shake the contents until the powder is fully dissolved. You’d see the foam forming and you can no longer differentiate the formula from real urine. As the saying goes, preparation is key to success. You can do this up to 8 hours before your scheduled urine test.

As your testing time approaches, use the glass amber vial containing the heat activating ingredient to manipulate urine temperature. Slowly add it in a while keeping an eye on the strip indicator located on the side of the mixing container. It does the job in approximately 20 seconds, whereas the strip turns green and the synthetic urine attains the ideal temperature range of 98-102F. Heat will be retained up to 30 minutes.


-Unisex synthetic urine for use by men and women
-100% effective and works for all types of tests
-Highly resembles real human urine
-Control over the temperature of your sample
-Powdered form comes with many advantages
-Created by a longstanding brand and industry leader


-The ClearChoice Sub-Solution synthetic urine comes at a cost
-Easily runs out of stock with the overwhelming demand for fake urine
-Some people may find it daunting to mix the solution

Where To Get Clear Choice?

The only way to be certain of authenticity and quality of your synthetic urine is to get your Sub-Solution from the official site and the manufacturer itself. Touted as the best of its class and offered by a brand that’s existed over a decade, backed by their very confident 200% double-your-money-back guarantee, ClearChoice is, well, the clear choice.

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