Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

Conclusion – Does it work?

NO. Old wives tales and false remedies like this get spread around a lot. Take the time to get synthetic urine or a complete professional detox kit so that you don’t fail the drug test that you are anticipating to take. We recommend TestClear Toxin Rid or the Clear Choice Sub-solution based on our testing of many detox kits and synthetic urines.

Hey guys, welcome to this video. Today, we’re talking about how to pass a drug test using water purification tablets.

People have been trying to use water purification tablets for a drug test for a long time, because they think that for whatever reason, they’ll be able to put them in their water and mix up this purified water with iodine, drink it, and be able to piss clean. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Some people have tried to actually put the tablets into the urine and give that urine sample to the drug testing administrator. Disaster. That’s the first thing that I can tell you guys.

The people who have said that they’ve done this and it had worked, are the people who were detoxing for weeks and months before the test. Usually, these stories come out of people doing it as a safety measure, trying to make sure they pass. They try all sorts of different stuff, and then they do the Potable Aqua, and they think that was the thing that cured their urine and they were able to pass the test.

Guys, don’t risk it when it comes to taking a drug test. Using Potable Aqua for a drug test is likely not going to work. All it does is clean your water, put iodine and chlorine in your water. That is not beneficial to passing a drug test. They test for all sorts of different stuff whenever you pee in a cup. If you add something to it that’s not supposed to be there, they’re going to detect it, and it’s going to fail the test. Guys, our suggestion is to use either a total detox product, like Toxin Rid or use the synthetic urine.

Both of these are in the link in your description below this video, or on the page, wherever you’re watching this video. There should be some links to either the Tox and Detox program, or synthetic urine. These things are 100% proven to pass a drug test very quickly, very easily, and with less hassle than trying to use some homemade remedy like Potable Aqua.

I mean, I don’t know what else to say about it not working. The synthetic urine that you see on the page or in the description below, they’ve been doing drug testing products for about 20 years now, and they also have a 200% money-back guarantee. If you think it didn’t work or you didn’t use it right, they’ll refund double your money.

Guys, let’s pay attention and make sure that we’re doing things to make sure that we pass a drug test. And as always, test negative. Thanks, guys.