Poppers – Can a Drug Test Detect Them?

All right guys, we’re talking about poppers today, also known as amyl nitrate. These are basically things that make you have fun and if you’re watching this video and trying to see if they show up on a drug test, you probably have experienced this. I personally have never experienced it. I just know the pharmacology behind it. It’s a nitrate and I think the half life is around an hour or so. An hour or two hours. So it doesn’t last a long time as far the “high” goes.

But if you are concerned about taking a drug test after you’ve used poppers, you just want to be careful within 72 hours. So it can be detected in urine over 72 hours. I would give it a good four days before you take urine test. And if you are going to take urine test anytime soon or you’re close to that four day range to a week range, I would get my hands on some synthetic urine so that you can make sure you pass that urine test.

Other than that, it’s not very healthy for you to take these. So I wouldn’t recommend that all the time. But if you want to pass a drug test, the rule is for these poppers is 72 hours and to make sure you’re safe, a week window. And all of this really depends on your body mass, your weight, how much water you retain, your age, and your metabolism.

So when you’re looking at how long it’s going to last in your body, if you’re got a good metabolism, you’re healthy, you’re eating right, you’re exercising a lot, that can also do a lot for you to make sure that you can pass your drug test. So that’s it on poppers. And as always, test negative.