Complete Review of Oral Clear Gum – A Saliva Neutralizing Substance for A Drug Test

Mouthwash for Drug Test that we Recommend.

Attention: As of January 2019, we are no longer recommending the oral clear gum. Our first choice and highest recommendation to pass a saliva or mouth swab test is to use Test Clear’s Mouthwash. Test Clear has reliable products that we barley every hear complaints about. 


What’s up, guys? Welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about the Oral Clear gum, the best saliva neutralizing gum to pass a mouth swab test. So we’re gonna explain a little bit about it, how it works, and what we think of it.

First off, check out the link in the description below. It goes to It’s got all of your drug testing needs, pass whatever drug test you want, whatever drug test you have to do and we’ve got a solution for you there. If you have any questions, put comment in the comments below, and we’ll help you guys out.

So today we’re talking about the Oral Clear gum. There’s been a lot of buzz, a lot of good things said about it and we can … we basically agree that if you’re gonna take a mouth swab test or a saliva test, Oral Clear is the gum to use. We’ve had a lot of anecdotal evidence of friends using it. I’ve had a lot of people use it to pass their test and it’s worked great. I haven’t heard any negative things about it. It’s one of the best mouth swab test solutions that we’ve seen out there. There’s also a couple mouth washes out there that are good, but we’ve never seen anybody fail using Oral Clear gum the right way.

The right way to use it is to take it out of the package, pop it in your mouth, chew the gum. Chew it for about, they say 30 seconds to a minute, and once you’re done with that, you spit it out and for the next 30 minutes, your saliva is going to test completely clean and clear. You won’t test positive for any substances like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, that type of stuff. Your saliva will be completely clear [inaudible 00:01:44].

The reason they say 30 minutes is because your mouth will produce more saliva after that and then after 30 minutes it gets to a point where … it gets to a point where those toxins start coming out because those toxins are in your body. I’d pop it in right before a swab test, chew on it for 30 seconds, and then right after, right when you walk up to the person who’s administering the test you can spit it out and take the test.

That’s really it for Oral Clear. It’s a good product. It works great. The company that makes it is reliable. Again, we’ve got a link in the description below, just take a look at it. I believe if you use the shipping code Free Ship you can get free shipping on it as well, so keep that in mind.

Thanks guys for watching. Again, check out the link in the description for all your drug testing needs and we always want you guys to test negative, so if you have any questions, again, visit us on our website or like the video, subscribe, and put a comment in below if you have any questions. Thanks again, and as always, test negative.