Can Niacin Make You Pass A Drug Test?

Niacin can harm you and doesn’t always work! Use the Test Clear 10 Day Detox to completely rid your body of toxins for a drug test.

What’s up guys? Today, we’re talking a little bit about the niacin detox that seems to be circulating around the internet, and people are claiming that they’re using it to pass these drug tests. It’s something that most people are trying to do, to avoid the hard truth of how to detox. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so I just want to clear up this whole niacin detox myths or kind of BS that’s out there.

Niacin is found in foods. It’s called vitamin B3, and in small amounts, you can find it in, as you can see on here, all these little foods in small amounts. What it does is it’s shown to help healthy skin, hair, eyes, nails, and basically for the regrowth of your bodily functions and body components. So, a lot of people are saying, “Hey, this home remedy, basically what you do is you just take a ton of niacin, and you get this red niacin flush, and that detoxes you. You don’t have any toxins left in your body, and since it detoxes you, you can pass any drug test.” Well, sort of. Not really.

What happens is if you take too much niacin, it can actually cause terrible side effects, like liver problems, internal bleeding, stomach cramps, infections, and overall just flu-like symptoms that can really harm you if you take too much. So, people have claimed that they’ve passed drug tests with niacin, and I think some of them are true. The people who don’t smoke a lot or aren’t consistent users of whatever drug choice they have, if they take a good amount of niacin and are consistent over a week, yes, it can help with a detox, but the thing that you want to distinguish is that niacin is only one component of the detox process, and it’s not a cure-all. It’s not a magic pill, and it can also be harmful when taken in large amounts.

So what we recommend is to, instead of taking niacin and taking the risk of not only hurting yourself and also testing positive on a drug test, is use a detox kit. There’s a couple different detox kits out there, and niacin is one ingredient in them, but there’s a lot of other ingredients that go into making sure that you detox well and effectively. So, TestClear has been doing this for a while. They’ve got the 10-day detox kit that has been helping people pass drug tests for years. They’re a reliable company. They know what they’re doing, so instead of taking this niacin to pass a drug test and taking a chance on yourself, taking a chance on your job, what we would recommend is the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox.

There’s a link in the description below if you want to check it out, and of course, do your research. If you look at any other medically published study on niacin, and if you look at any overdoses on niacin, which is what you basically need to do in order to make this work, it has very harmful effects on your body, so I mean, you can look at that for yourself on PubMed. They all say the same thing, that it’s harmful to your liver. It can cause infections, so a little bit of niacin is good, and that’s what these products do, these detox kits do, is they give you the right amount of niacin so that you don’t overdose, and detox effectively from other ingredients. So once again, look in the description, check it out, click the link, and take a look at the 10-day detox kit from TestClear. And as always, guys, stay safe and test negative. We’ll talk to you soon.