Monkey Whizz Review

Our 2019 Monkey Whizz Review

You are probably the type of person who likes keeping work life separate from social life. That’s until the two worlds collide in the form of a urine drug test. That can create the “I’m-totally-screwed” feeling especially if you are sure that you’ll fail the test if they take your urine. Luckily, you can buy artificial urine and use it on the material day. But, this poses the question: which one should I choose? I’ll help you explore one of its kind fake piss kit—the Monkey Whizz.

Before we get into how it works and why we highly recommend it, check out where you can buy it at the best price. You will have to buy the Urine Kit separate from the Monkey Whizz Belt. It took a long time to find out where to get it at the lowest price. We did the hard work and research so that you don’t have to.

The Monkey Whizz

Released by Serious Monkey Bizzness, the Monkey Whizz is the highest quality synthetic pee available on the market. It is known to produce excellent results and consequently is gaining exponential popularity.

Package Contents
The Monkey Whizz will include:
– 1 urinator kit
– 1 cotton elastic belt, which is adjustable
– 1 3.5oz synthetic pee
– 1 temperature strip
– 2 heating pads
– Idiot-proof instructions

How to Use the Monkey Whizz

Using the Monkey Whizz is super easy. Simply open up one of the heating pads and stick it to the piss flask right between the belt and the bag. Then, wrap the belt around your waist, under the clothing, and adjust to a comfortable fit.

Ensure that the temperature strip is touching the skin while the tubing is pointing downwards. If the tubing seems too long for you, cut it to the desired length. But be careful not to cut it too short or you could experience problems when draining the pee.

Once in the drug test bathroom, unfasten the white clips, and drain the pee into the testing cup.

Remember that the pee temperature should be kept between 98 and 100 degrees and thus I recommend that you wear the flask an hour before the test.

Does The Monkey Whizz Help In Passing Drug Tests?

With an ideal chemical and element composition, our Monkey Whizz review indicates that individuals globally have testified it has offered great results and passed many drug tests.

It contains uric acid and Creatine

Uric acid and Creatine are the most crucial ingredients that prove a sample is human and not fake. Monkey Whizz consists of these two significant components and any other element found in real human pee. Therefore, it will look and smell like human piss.

It has a Balanced PH

With the right and well-balanced PH, the Monkey Whizz foams up like piss if you shake it up. It is so real that it grows bacteria if the flask is left open for over three days. Therefore, it is essential not to open the flask before you need to use it.

Is The Monkey Whizz A Reliable Product?

While using synthetic pee to pass a drug tests, you need a dependable product that guarantees results. Monkey whizz affords you that and much more.

It beats modern technology

Labs keep coming up with advanced drug tests methods. Monkey Whizz is a modern product that has been designed to beat the more sophisticated detection methods that.

The heating pads

As I have said, urine should read at 98 – 100 degrees. The body alone can bring it to about 94 degrees. The heating pads can help get it up to the last few degrees and allow it to stay at that temperature for up to eight hours.

Convenient and portable

Considering that it can be shipped overnight; Monkey Whizz beats most synthetic urines in the convenience department. Also, its flask size is smaller and it’s easier to use it undetected regardless of the supervision you have.

It is a unisex product

Monkey Whizz is made for both females and males, as it doesn’t require a synthetic penis. Besides, the flask is easy for both genders to use and simply need to be warmed to the right temperature.

Privacy assured

Serious Monkey Bizzness understands their clients and offers them the ultimate privacy and confidentiality. Once you’ve placed your order, the package will have nothing on it that could make others suspicious of you. Also, the name (Monkey Whizz) won’t appear on your credit card.

Essential tip

The Monkey Whizz is also sold in twin sets and thus you can always have some at hand in the event of a consecutive surprise drug test.

The Takeaway

When it comes to preparing for a drug test, it’s better to be safe than sorry. More so, if you want to pass the test, you will need the best in the market. Monkey Whizz can hold up under scrutiny even if it is taken for advanced lab testing. With all the chemicals and components that real human pee has, this high quality synthetic urine is of the highest quality and it will absolutely help you pass your urinalysis.

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