Monkey Dong Reviews

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Hey guys, how’s it going? Today we’re talking about the Monkey Dong synthetic urine device. So, basically what we’re gonna do is go over this, why it can be useful, why it could be something that you’d wanna use, and exactly where to get it.

So, before we get into everything, check out the link in the description below. That’ll bring you to a site that talks all about how to pass drug tests, how to use the Monkey Dong, and exactly what you need to keep a peace of mind if you’re having to pass some observed urine test, or any other type of drug test.

So, let’s get into it. The Monkey Dong is essentially a device that you could use to conceal synthetic urine, and what it does is it’s imitation genitalia. So the real purpose of what the Monkey Dong is used for is to pass an observed urine test, if you’re a male.

So basically what happens is you fill up the kit. It’s a belt that goes around your waist, and then it has the genitalia hanging from the urination device. So what you do is you fill up that kit, that belt that you can see here in the picture, and fill that up with your synthetic urine.

And then whenever you need to, you basically squeeze on it and the urine will come out of the device, making it appear as if you are urinating, which is great for an observed test. This has helped hundreds of people, probably thousands by now, pass an observed urine test.

And you know, if that’s the type of test that you’re gonna take, and you need to use synthetic urine, this kit is what we highly recommend. It’s the only one that we know of out there that uses fake genitalia for the test, and it’s highly recommended.

If you check out the link in the description, go ahead and click on that. That’ll take you to our website where we can direct you to exactly where to buy it for the best price. Like we said before, this is really the only product out there that does this, and it’s worked a lot for people that we’ve known to use it.

And it’s very reliable, so check it out. Click the link in the description, and thanks for watching.

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