Magnum Detox Fake Pee Review

I remember how terrified I would always be when I was told that there was a drug test to be scheduled for the coming week. This is not till I knew the best way on how to cheat this test. Drug tests are unavoidable, and failure to pass them could put you in some serious consequences. Most companies today do ask that you undergo drug tests before interviews whereas other organizations schedule them so that they monitor the performance of their employees.

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Irrespective of the reason for you to undergo the drug test, you must find a way to pass it. There’s no way that you are going to fail on that job interview that you had prepared yourself for months or lose your job.

One thing that you need to know is that if you do use drugs frequently, there’s a 95% chance that you will taste positive. Wondering if there’s a way for you to cheat this test? Yes, there is! You can buy some synthetic urine that will help you test negative for drug use.
Have you heard of the Magnum Detox Fake Urine? This is one product that has been hyped up all over the internet. Some say it works others say it doesn’t. If you are considering buying it, below is a Magnum Detox Review that will help you make an informed decision.

The Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

This is a synthetic urine product that has hit the market at an alarming rate. Magnum detox is immediately available in nearly all stores no wonder it’s so popular. The product contains all the components that are designed to allow you to fake urine.

It comes with a heating pad, a rubber band and one vial of uric acid. The uric acid is among the main components that are found in your pee. During the drug tests, the aim is usually to determine the amount of uric acid in your pee. Nonetheless, the fake urine needs to have a similar temperature to that of the real urine. It’s why a heating pad is essential.

Magnum Detox synthetic urine, according to the manufacturer, it’s said to last for two years. But, if you do use the uric acid, then it can only last for less than a week. Therefore, only open it when you are ready to use it.

How to Use Magnum Detox?

Overall, we do not recommend the Magnum Detox.

It usually comes with a well-detailed manual that will help you prepare the fake urine. First, you should always shake the container before doing anything. You should then heat it till it reaches the ideal temperature for real urine which ranges in between 94 to 100 °F. Always confirm this reading on the temperature strip before proceeding.

After that, shake again, thoroughly till all the particles dissolve. Next, you need to heat the heating pad. To do this, simply shake it and fit it to the container preferably adjacent to the temperature strip. A warmed up heating pad can guarantee regulating the temperature of the container for a duration of 6 to 8 hours. You can also use the rubber band to attach the container to the heating pad.

This will prepare you adequately for the upcoming drug test. On that ‘fateful’ day, follow the above steps and then add the uric acid. Shake it and pour it into the container. Make sure that you hide it properly to avoid any suspicion.

But, Does Magnum Detox Really Work?

One thing that I have learned during my several drug tests is that the wrong product can mess you up. It’s why I always recommend that you only use the best fake urine. Remember that a drug test isn’t a situation to take lightly.

We all have to hand it down for Magnum Detox fake Urine manufacturer’s for their excellent marketing efforts. Despite its popularity, it’s quite ineffective. A lot of people have failed their drug tests by using it. As a matter of fact, only a few people have been able to pass the test by using this product.

The manufacturers of Magnum detox have terribly failed in designing the product to imitate real urine. Here are some reasons why this product is likely to make you fail for your upcoming drug test:
• The heating pad does a lousy job in regulating the standard temperature of real urine.
• The mixture usually results in the production of a lot of creatine. An excess amount of creatine can be easily detected during the lab test and thus instantly failing you.
• It’s unable to imitate the properties of real urine when it expires.
• Additionally, after it expires, the creatine levels drop thus enabling lab techs to identify your sample as an invalid one.

Our alternative that we recommend for synthetic urine.

As mentioned above, a drug test should be taken with utmost seriousness. You don’t want to risk losing your job or failing your interview. The major drawback of the Magnum Detox is that it contains some artificial elements that are not found in our bodies. If by any chance, the lab technicians identify such elements, you will fail your test. Despite the many negative reviews that have been left on their website, Magnum Detox manufacturers have failed to revise their formula. This means that if you intend on using this product, you are likely to fail.

Does that Mean that You are Doomed?

Now that you have finally known how unreliable Magnum Detox is, does that mean that you are doomed? No, there is a better option. There is a fake urine product known as Clear Choice Sub-Solution. It’s not as hyped up as Magnum Detox but is quite useful in helping you pass your drug test. The synthetic urine sample is undetectable and completely imitates natural urine. The lab techs won’t suspect a single thing, thanks to Clear Choice unique fake urine formula.

Sub-Solution imitates real pee in the following ways;
• It contains not only uric acid but also urea which are chemical elements found in the real human urine.
• It balances the PH level to imitate that of real pee.
• It also contains regulated amounts of creatinine.
• Clear Choice provides a patented heat activator formula that increases the fake urine temperature to that of normal body temperature.

If you are worried about a drug test, then confidently use the Clear Choice Sub-Solution. It is among one of the best fake urine products that boast of having an excellent formula. Plus, the company does give a 200% money back guarantee. This shows that they highly trust their product and so should you. Plus, Sub-Solution receives lots of positive reviews from people that passed drug tests thanks to their superior fake urine formula.

Final Thoughts

From the above, we can conclude that Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine isn’t a product that you can trust. Basing on the fact that it can’t fully imitate real urine, I strongly advise that you use Clear Choice Sub-Solution. When you are going for a drug test, you need to be assured that the product you are using will work. It’s why you should pick Sub-Solution which is 100% effective.

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