List of Companies That Do Drug Testing

Like it or hate it, drug testing is furiously becoming part and parcel of employment procedures. If you are a heavy drug user like me, it is becoming mandatory to research on the likelihood and frequency of a company carrying out drug tests.

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I was offended the first time that a company I was interviewing with mentioned their preference for conducting employee drug tests. I later realized that it was not personal. Companies do drug tests for safety hazards, and to avoid any legal scandals that may result as a result of their employees getting high.

Companies choose different methods of drug testing because of the nature of their work. The different method-consideration-factors may include the method’s detection ability, cost and the time frame involved in conduction and analysis of the test. Below are 10 companies that conduct drug tests:

1. Ford – Ford does drug screening as a prerequisite for employment. Ford dealerships are also implementing drug tests for their sales personnel. Ford prefers using hair follicle drug tests.

2. ExxonMobil – This gas and oil company does drug tests as a safety hazard measurement. ExxonMobil does their drug test before employment.

3. JPMorgan Chase – A urine drug testing is required for employees and all suppliers.

4. Microsoft – Microsoft is one of the biggest drug tester companies. It is full of surprises since the drug tests can either be urine, hair follicle or saliva drug tests.

5. Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart exercises various drug testing methods. These random methods of are applied before and during employment. Wal-Mart is gradually making the tests available in all their holdings

6. Berkshire Hathaway – Pre-employment and random drug tests are done by Berkshire Hathaway. Their preferred method of testing is saliva drug tests.

7. McDonald’s – This food chain company requires drug testing before employment.

8. Proctor & Gamble- P&G carries out either a hair follicle or urine test for potential employees.

9. General Electric – Besides pre-employment drug testing, General Electric also does random drug testing at work, and even at customer’s sites if a client requests for one.

10. FedEx- This global courier service does urine drug tests before employment.
Do extensive research to know what drug test companies prefer. Pot may be legal in some states, but do not be fooled, because this validation is no permit for you to be high at work. I know this too well because a friend of mine got in trouble on the pretext of using pot for chronic pain.

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