Can Drug Tests Detect Ketamine?

What’s up guys? Welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about if ketamine can be detected in a drug test.

The short answer is yes it can be detected in a drug test. Depending on what type of drug test you’re taking is going to depend on if you’re at risk for testing positive for ketamine. No matter what you’re doing if you’re taking the substance or it’s prescribed or not, if you’re going to take a drug test be real careful about what type of drug test you’re taking and when you’re using it.

Ketamine can be detected in your body for up to two to three weeks, so before the drug test what we always recommend is doing a detox. If you check out the link in the description below, there’s a 10 day detox kit for test clear. It’ll be able to clear out your system completely in 10 days, as long as you make sure that you follow the instructions and all that good stuff.

Yes, it can be detected in a drug test. The two types of drug tests that it can be detected in is one a blood test, which is the more rare type of test that people are administering. The other type of drug test is the urine test, so somebody will make you pee in a cup. They’ll analyze that urine and see if ketamine shows up in that test.

Now there’s a couple of different type of urine tests that people take, but overall if you’re going to risk taking ketamine and risk your job or something like that, it’d be a good idea to stop taking the substance as quickly as possible, and if you want to make sure that you’re safe, take the 10 day detox program with it as well.

Our recommendation to completely detox from ketamine is the 10 day detox program. There’s also products out there that are synthetic urine that you can use to pass a urine test for basically anything and everything on earth, as long as you use that synthetic urine.

If you don’t know what type of drug test you’re going to be taking, what we recommend is getting the 10 day detox along with synthetic urine, so that you can be prepared for whatever they throw at you. I know this is a serious substance, so our recommendation is to do the detox so that you can completely get off of it and be okay while taking a test.

Thanks guys for watching. I know this is a serious topic and you want to take your drug testing seriously, so check the link in the description below and we can help you guys out, and as always, test negative. Thanks guys.