How Long Does Ibuprofen Stay in Your System?

What’s up, guys? Welcome to this video. Before we get started, I’m going to answer exactly your question of how long it takes for your system to get rid of ibuprofen. We’re going to get to that, but real quick if you check out the link in the description, you should be able to go to and find all the products you need to pass a drug test really fast and be able to pass a drug test without even a hiccup. Check that link out in the description and go take a look at all the great products that you can use to pass a drug test.

Now, for the topic of today, how long will ibuprofen stay in your system? It’s pretty simple. You got a headache, you might feel not good, you got some pain, you take some ibuprofen, and you want to make sure it gets out of your system. The easy and simple answer is it’s not very long. Your gastrointestinal tract will absorb ibuprofen very quickly. So 28 hours after taking ibuprofen, it’s expelled from your system. You can’t detect it in urine.

It’s not something I would be too worried about. If you want to be on the safe side and know that it’s expelled from your system, just give it a good 48 hours and you’ll be completely rid of ibuprofen in your body. The body’s pretty quick and pretty adaptable, and it gets rid of these types of substances fairly quickly. It’s not something that’s stored in your fat like a THC or another type of drug that is fat soluble. Ibuprofen is not fat soluble, so therefore you don’t have to worry about it staying in your body fat for an extended period of time.

If you have more questions on this, a great resource is PubMed. They’ve done a bunch of studies on ibuprofen. WebMD is also another great resource to get all the information you nee on ibuprofen.

One thing that I do whenever I take it is I know that it’s not the healthiest thing for you, it does destroy some of your gut biome according to the Joe Rogan experience, so I try not to take it unless I absolutely need it or absolutely have a terrible headache. That’s my main use of ibuprofen, is if I have a terrible headache. If you get frequent headaches, I’d also look into that and make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy so that you don’t have to take ibuprofen all the time.

In summary, it’s easy to know that ibuprofen gets expelled from your system within 48 hours. Make sure that you keep this in mind. As always, always test negative. Thanks, guys.