How to Use Someone Else’s Pee for a Drug Test

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Whether you recently attended your first interview and nailed it, you are on parole or you were invited to join your favorite team or any other reason, drug tests are inevitable and take place almost every day for different reasons.

Unfortunately, you may not clean and sometimes sure that you are going to fail miserably if they take your urine.

Well, I have been in that situation many times before, and I have always had this one trick up my sleeve which works again and again. However, before I can let you in on what I do, below let me tell you about how you can use someone else’s pee for a drug test.

Using Your Friend’s Pee

You may have heard this, but am sure you never thought you would need it. Getting your friend to give you their pee is pretty easy and just like that step one is done.

Now the hard part is getting that urine to your drug test location. Keep in mind that it should be at least 98 to 100 degrees so it can match your internal body temperature.

Here’s a big tip – Use a squirt bottle

Most of the times during a drug test you’ll be accompanied by one of the people conducting it. That means you should sound like you are actually peeing and a squirt bottle often mimics that sound.

To keep it warm, you can ask your friend to come with you to the premise, and once you are there, they can pee while you are still in the car because they are not allowed inside.

Strap it in your tight undies near your genitals so you won’t look suspicious. Just to remove it and pour into the cup.

If they cannot accompany you there, tell them to pee twenty minutes before you go and on your way there you can buy two cups of hot coffee and put the bottle in between to keep it warm.

Also, avoid being anxious while pouring in the test cup as anxiety can mess you up big time.

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