How To Clean Your Urine For A Drug Test

There are multiple ways that you can do this. I’ll go through each method from the worst to the best working.

External Cleaning by Additives

Detoxifying is not easy when you are trying to pass a drug test. The most inefficient ways to cleanse your pee is by washing it of toxins while it’s outside of your body.

I have known some people who have tried to do this by adding salts and chemicals to their pee and they have always failed miserably.

Real Powdered Human Urine

An easier way to pass a drug test is to use real human urine that is not your own. This allows you to keep doing whatever drugs you were doing in the first place to toxify your pee, and still pass the test.

This is the easiest and the simplest but may require some secret maneuvering and hiding. Getting urine from your friends can be problematic because as time goes on, the urine will start to change chemical makeup. (And you may not want your friends or people to know you were doing drugs in the first place.)

A perfect solution is getting the replacement product from TestClear. They carry in stock, ready to ship, human powdered urine that is chemically balanced and shows thousands of positive test results.

They even carry real home test kits that you can use yourself to make sure that the anything you use works. (While these products come with easy instructions, if you are a newbie, consider buying multiple packs of powdered urine to test with and to practice with.)

10 Day Detox Program

There is a 10 day detox program that allows your body to naturally produce clean and pure urine without any drug substances in it, even if you are a heavy user. This works the best out of all of your options, it just takes a little longer.

The program that we recommend is the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detoxification. There is a series of steps to follow with this program but will get the best results when showing up to the test.

The steps are easy to follow and are all outlined on the TestClear website. This is the longest and most monotonous method of getting clean, but it is definitely the most effective because you don’t have to deal with additives or handling urine that isn’t your own.

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