The Best Way To Pass A Urine Test for Opiates

—-2019 Update—-

After many accounts of Sub-solution having problems during the test. We are deciding to recommend Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit as our top choice. After doing extensive testing and ongoing testing, the numbers fall in favor of TestClear’s product. Over time we have noticed Test Clear has an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality products. This is most likely due to the fact that they have been around the longest and continually adapt to the changing landscape of drug tests. There is also a coupon you can use named “TestClear10”.

After I finished college, I needed to pass a drug test quick before they would let me work. Honestly, I didn’t want to have to mess around with this since there was so much on the line for me. I’ve been taking some painkillers to help with my fibromyalgia pain, and I didn’t want that to screw up future job offers, so I was looking for a kit that had everything included. In my opinion, the kits are the best way to pass a urine test for opiates. No stress, no hassle. Just add water and you’ve got a clean urine sample.

The kit includes everything you need to get started, including the heater. All I had to do was bring my own water, which was pretty easy since I had access to a private bathroom at my workplace. Basically, the kit they sell gives you the dried mix, a plastic vial, and a little heater that warms up the water.

This stuff helped me pass my drug screen, and my employer couldn’t tell the difference. The heater makes sure it’s the right temperature, and I guess the chemicals in it make it look exactly like the real thing.

Overall, I thought the kit was pretty easy to use. Basically, you put the powder into the vial, fill with water, and then you just screw on the cap and shake until the powder’s dissolved and the liquid looks right.

The heater that’s included is just a little attachment that you stick to the tube, it heats it up, and that’s about as simple as it gets. There’s a temperature strip on the side so you can know it’s the right temperature (which is the first thing they check for to know whether it’s real or not!) and once it’s heated properly, you’re good to go.

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