Top Ways For Passing A Urinalysis For Cocaine

Detoxify Your Piss of Cocaine

If you recently consumed Cocaine and you are scheduled for a routine test, it’s important to ensure that your system is free from any illegal substances. Failure to comply with this suggestion and it might have serious ramifications for your career.

That said, there are various easy ways through which you can pass the test and resume your duties at work. While cocaine might be a popular recreational substance, it often takes a few days before leaving the system.

How long does cocaine stay in the system?

In as much as everyone has varying metabolic rates are different, the way in which the drug passes through the body is similar for most people.

Broadly speaking, the presence of the drug in your blood depends on factors such as the amount used and the duration as well. A regular user might require a longer length to get rid of the drug in their system.

In most cases, the average time it takes for the drug to be eliminated from the system averages at 2-4 days.


While there are various techniques that one can use to metabolize the drug in your system, not many are often useful so that you can pass quickly. The best recommendation we have is the Test Clear Powdered urine to pass a urine drug test for cocaine.

Our best suggestion is to use a urine substitute. Imagine being able to pass the test and resume working without anyone ever guessing you’re a regular user of coke.

At Test Clear, they have plenty of urine replacements you can use and they include all the instructions you need to do it with not problem. It may be useful to buy more than one so that you can practice if you think you need to.

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