How To Use Someone Else’s Pee For A Drug Test

–>A Better Option Than Using Someone Else’s Pee

There is no limit to what people would do to beat a drug test. Using someone else’s pee is one way but you risk failing the drug test and not to forget all the hustles of sneaking in the pee.

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If you’re not going to get synthetic urine, here is your last hope:

It’s almost impossible to evade Drug tests in workplaces, job interviews, paroles, military, and sport teams. What’s more stressing, you might not be clean and failing the test may seem inescapable. Well, having been a victim several times and having my sport career on the line, I went through quite a hustle until this one brilliant idea came to my path – using someone else’s pee. I know it’s a crazy idea but it has worked wonders for me. Basically, here is how you can beat the system with your friend’s squeaky-clean pee.

How to Use Your Friend’s Pee

I am pretty sure that you never thought you’d do this, but you can actually use your friend’s pee for drug tests. Nonetheless, getting it to the drug test location can be challenging. That’s because, the pee should be at least between 98 and 100 degrees so that it matches the internal body temperatures.
To keep warm, you can request your friend to accompany you to the premise and they can pee in a container while still inside the car. Strap it near your genital; and once in the bathroom, you can pour it into the test cup.

If your friend can’t come with you, ask them to pee twenty minutes before you leave. Place the bottle between two cups of hot coffee to keep it warm. Once you get near the drug test location, strap it under your undies and you’re good to go.

My two valuable tips

Use a squirt bottle- it mimics the sound of actual peeing. This will be necessary if one of the persons conducting the drug test accompanies you to the bathroom.
Avoid being anxious- while pouring the pee in the test cup, anxiety can mess you up big time.

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