Best Way To Pass A Saliva Drug Test On Short Notice

Our top recommendation for passing a saliva drug test.

Passing a saliva drug test is easy if you know how to go about it. I have been in situations where I have been ambushed at the office but because I am always prepared, I always pass the test with a quick solution. The preparation window can be very small and hence you have to be smart if you want to be successful. Normally, a saliva drug test is considered to be the easiest type of test to pass but people still fail because they lack necessary knowledge about mouth screening. Saliva drug test has gained popularity over other test options because of the following reasons:

• Results are determined fast (in less than 10 minutes)
• The test is non-evasive with no embarrassment or privacy issues
• The entire test can be done on site without the help of a nurse, technician or even a laboratory
• It’s cheaper
• The sample cannot be adulterated

Therefore, if you are desperate to pass a saliva drug test on a job interview, sports league, military or to retain your job, I have a solution which can help you. Saliva tests are usually used to detect tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds from your saliva. Hence, if you find a way to alter the chemical composition of your saliva you are safe.

Every time I went for a saliva test, I relied on this product called Oral Clear. It is one of the most popular products for saliva tests and it has very good reviews and ratings on Amazon. The product is in form of a gum which you are supposed to chew before a test and you will get good results. Once you have chewed the gum, it takes only 30 seconds to neutralize your saliva and give you a 30 minutes window to leave the swab sample. This means that the product works fast, it is undetectable, easy to use and reliable.

I used this product after my interview and believe me I got the job even if I was smoking pot. In addition, after getting the job, I continued to have the gum with me at all times because we could have random tests at the office. With a 30 seconds window to neutralize my saliva and about half an hour window to submit my swab sample, I know I am always safe! You can visit Oral Clear’s website at TestNegative to learn more about the brand, prices and instructions to follow among other details. Remember, if you cannot afford to buy Oral Clear, there are other viable options you can choose from TestNegative.

Finally, even if you will rely on TestNegative to offer reliable solutions when taking a saliva drug test, consider brushing your teeth and mouth regularly to avoid odors. In addition, you can use a mouthwash especially when you have been using drugs lately to avoid having strange smells. However, you should not overdo it because when your mouth, gums or tongue does not look natural, it might cause suspicions. For instance, if your cotton swab has blood or you’ve over scrubbed your tongue, you might attract unnecessary questions. To avoid attracting attention to myself, I remain calm and relaxed throughout the process because I trust OralClear will play its role.

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