How To Pass A Meth Drug Test

If you are looking for ways you can quickly get meth out of your system, you are in the right place. I am going to give you expert advice on the best-proven ways you can flush meth and pass a drug test.

Ways You Can Pass Meth Drug Test

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Don’t do Meth. It’s not practical, but it is a sure way to pass a meth drug test. I also searched on the internet for some tricks and techniques during that time I desperately needed to pass a meth drug test, and surprisingly some of them worked although they can be unreliable sometimes. Additionally, you can give your body time to flush meth naturally. Your body can break meth and its metabolites after some time. You can also speed up the process by buying a detox kit. Meth drug tests usually are between a few days to a few months. I strongly recommend this surefire method as it will completely clear meth from your system. But you can also help your body to fasten this process. By drinking enough water, eating healthy and exercising. I ensure to keep a home testing kit so that I can monitor any progress.

Different Kinds of Meth Tests

As there are different meth test, the best way to pass is to be aware of the meth test you are going to face. Learning about the particular meth test I was going to take made me avoid pitfalls and helped me in my preparations.

Saliva Test

Many workplaces and drug treatment centers will do a saliva test due to its ease of collection without necessarily forcing them to be invasive. The test is to check for the drug and not its metabolites. Meth can be detected in saliva within 5-10 minutes of use and remains detectable for about 1-3 days. To pass this test, I highly advise that you do not use meth for about a week to your test. Something else you should note is that saliva is more acidic and hence contains higher concentration. But when stimulated (saliva) the concentration can significantly be reduced.

If you want to skip the natural detox way (as described in the previous paragraph), there is a shortcut. A company called Test Negative has a speical gum that will cleanse your saliva for a period of time long enough to pass a mouth swab or saliva test.

Urine Test

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It will take longer to detect meth in urine as it would in saliva, 2-5 hours to be precise. But it is the most common. Higher concentration of meth and its metabolites can be found in the urine and can remain detectable for 1-7 days. Depending on how heavy and chronic your usage is. The standard urine test is easy to pass. What works for me is, I use the middle part of the urine stream for my samples because the end and begin of the urine stream tend to be concentrated. But you can also urinate often and just before your test to clean out your urine. However, other complicated urine drug tests are harder to pass, but since they are expensive, they are scarce.

Another shortcut, similar to the saliva drug test, is to replace your urine with synthetic replica. The same company that makes the special gum also makes a synthetic urine product that has a 100% pass rate for urine tests and it’s also the only synthetic urine product we will recommend at this time.

Hair Test

Meth can be detected in hair that grows anywhere in your body at the time you were using the drug. A hair specimen of 1.5 inch can detect up to 90 days after use. The hair drug test is expensive and rare but can be used if they want to find out the specific drug you used. The way you can pass a hair test without waiting 90 days is to just use a detox shampoo. We recommend the OLD STYLE Aloe Toxin Rid. Getting the OLD STYLE is important because it contains the most potent formula that won’t damage your hair. It’s also recommended to use this shampoo in combination with Ultra Clean on the day of the test.

Blood Test

Insurance companies or law enforcement give a blood test. It is the most common drug test as it provides accurate results in a very short period. Your blood will test positive for meth within 2 hours of use. And the levels will stay detectable between 1-3 days after the last dose. The test looks for the actual drug and not its metabolite. Blood tests are often accompanied by a urine test. The weakness is that it may not provide accurate results for past drug use.

There’s not work around for this type of drug test besides completely detoxing. With the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, you can completely clean out the substance in that 10 day time period. This is definitely the hardest test.

How to Speed Up Detoxification

If you urgently need to pass a drug test and time is not on your side, there are products in the market that can help you out. I suggest that you use Toxin Rid which in just five days your body will be clean of drugs, medications and common toxins. You can also get synthetic urine that you can use for a urine test to pass instantly without having to detox.

How Will I Be Tested for Meth?

There are two ways of testing: either as an amphetamine (AMP) which will show meth or by a separate test specifically for meth which will differentiate meth from amphetamine.

How Long is Meth Detectable By a Drug Test?

Meth detection time can vary depending on different factors which include:
• Type of test. The detection can range from a few days to a few months for urine, blood and saliva test. However, for hair test detection can be possible even after 90 days or more after use.
• Amount of use. Smaller amounts are not easily detectable since concentration is low.
• Physical activity. People who are continuously exercising have a short detecting time.
• Metabolism and Age. People with fast metabolisms have short detection time and also as age increases metabolism is slowed. So meth can be detected after a long time of use for people who are old.

Any Instant Ways to Flush Meth And Pass a Drug Test?

It’s going to take a while to flush meth entirely from your system. So instant flushing is not possible. But there are solutions for most drug tests that make it possible to give a clean sample. For instance, you can use detox drinks that can quickly clean your urinary system or special detox gum for saliva test and deep cleaning shampoo for a hair test.


Meth can take 2 to 7 days to get out of your system completely. But it is possible for your body to fight the effects faster using the methods I have discussed above. However, there are a lot of myths about meth, for example, some people say that drinking baking soda mixed with water can fasten the cleansing process. But in reality baking soda reacts with the acid in your stomach and can give you gas. So you should look for the best and safest ways to flush out meth from your body.

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