Detox From Vyvanse

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What’s up guys, this is your boy here. We wanna talk about Vyvanse, and how long it’s gonna take to get out of your system. What Vyvanse is essentially, obviously you’re asking the question because you’ve taken it, and you wanna know what’s going on ’cause you have to take a drug test, or you’re wondering about when you’re gonna feel normal again, that type of thing.

If you essentially, Vyvanse is a drug that is an extended release of Adderall. Adderall, and what Adderall basically is, it’s a chemical compound is amphetamines. Vyvanse is essentially an amphetamine, and if you’re taking Vyvanse it’s just an extended release of those amphetamines.

If you’ve taken Vyvanse, they basically say that it lasts for about 12 hours. So, you’re gonna have it readily available, and active in your system for 12 hours. After that 12 hours it’s deactivated, and you’re basically coming down from it, and you are gonna have to wait a couple more days after that in order for it to completely expel from your system.

With any amphetamine to show up on a, for any amphetamine to show up on a drug test it’s going to take about 72 hours after it’s been eliminated from your system. So, if you take it in the morning from the moment you take it you’re probably gonna need a good four to five days to make sure that it’s eliminated from your system so that it doesn’t show up on a drug test.

That’s how long it lasts in your system, and it’s not a very long time. Marijuana takes anywhere from one week to 30 days to expel from your system, and maybe even longer if you’d been using it for a while. So, if you’re planning on taking that drug test plan on four days, and if you wanna do a detox, that will even help you out to get it expelled quicker. Usually if you detox for a day it’ll expel it.

We’ve got a link in the description for that detox if you’re interested. We just have a little link to TestClear. They have a great detox program, that you can purchase. But, if not just wait those full days, and you’ll be able to pass a drug test no problem if that’s what you’re wanting. That’s it for this view guys. Thanks for watching, and as always test negative.