Herbal Clean Qcarbo16

If you are looking for an effective detox drink to help you pass a drug test, QCarbo16 should be your solution. It is an herbal detox drink that does a good job in removing traces of weed in your body. Is it that good? Well, speaking from personal experience, QCarbo16 does help in cleaning out THC (the main component in marijuana that tests look for). I had this job interview right after college, and a drug test was necessary before getting into the company. To be honest, I contemplated not going in for the drug test, but I stumbled upon QCarbo16 while browsing the Internet.

Instructions for using QCarbo16 are as follows:

• Consume the entire QCarbon16 bottle 5 hours before going in for the drug test.
• Fill the bottle with water and drink it all.
• Urination will be frequent for some time.
• Give it one hour and take the test within the following four hours.

Does It Work?

The more effective alternative to QCarbo16.

I was initially skeptical about whether this drink would help me pass the drug test, but I chose to try it first. The instructions were quite simple, all I had to do was to drink QCarbo16 some few hours before the test, and I was good to go. It worked out well for me, and I passed the drug test despite being a regular weed smoker at that time. Following these results, I became curious about the experiences of other users and started doing some digging for information.

From some user reviews that I saw on various sites, the results varied between different people. QCarbo16 worked for some, while others claimed that it did not work as they expected. For this reason, I concluded that it is not a guarantee that one would pass a drug test with this drink, though the majority of the users reported positive results.

What Alternative Solutions Do I Have?

One of the reasons why QCarbo16 is not 100 percent effective among its users is the fact that it is not a full THC detox procedure. In this case, the surest way of passing that drug test is by taking one of the following approaches:

• Employ a Full THC Detox Procedure – A complete method involves the QCarbo16 drink with additional dietary fibers and some pills. The three components work together to ensure every trace of THC gets out of the system.
Synthetic Urine – Involves using lab-synthesized urine that mimics all the properties of real urine. It is a popular approach that most weed users use because of how simple it is, involving just handing in a fake urine sample. The best of synthetic urine comes with a vial to heat it to the temperatures of real urine.


In as much as QCarbo16 worked for me, it should not be a guarantee that it will help you pass a drug test. The best way to go about it would be to incorporate the other two methods listed above. Nevertheless, the reviews on various platforms, like Amazon and marijuana.com, show that the chances of this detox drink working are high. If you have several days to spare before a drug test, consider other more complete programs like the 5-day Toxin Rid plan.

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