Does UPS Drug Test Their Employees for Weed and Other Drugs? Their Policies

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that this company administers. You can find them below.


UPS will drug test you if you work for them whether you drive a truck or you handle packages. This is a random drug test. UPS will also test you before hiring, but not necessarily on the first interview. Be prepared by using Synthetic Urine or a Detox Kit so that you can pass without problems.

Video Transcript:

What’s up guys. Today we’re talking if UPS does drug tests. We’ve got a little bit of experience and background in this, we’ve got some friends that have worked there, people who’ve gone through the interview process and people who have wanted to work there for a long time and told us about what their drug testing process looks like.

Do they drug test you on the very first interview? No, they do not. And, we’re gonna get into that, we’re gonna get into if they drug test you randomly and all that good stuff. But first, check out the link in the description below,, and you can get your hands on everything that you need in order to pass a drug test. Whether it’s a hair follicle test or a urine, urinalysis test, or even a blood test. We’ve got advice on how to pass blood tests there as well. So, check it out, get all your detox products and synthetic urines that you need to pass, and we will help you out.

So, let’s get into today’s topic. Does UPS drug test? They do not drug test if they’re not going to hire you, they just don’t care. But, a lot of times on the first interview if they know that you’re someone that they’re gonna hire, they’re gonna pop a drug test on you, just to make sure that you’re not taking any substances, in order to get the job.

What they do do on a regular basis and what they do regularly is a random drug test for the warehouse workers, the forklift operators, the drivers, you’ll be subjected to a drug test on a regular basis, because they wanna make sure that the people who are driving and operating machinery are not under the influence of any substance that is not good.

So, if you pop hot for marijuana or cannabis or anything like that, they can actually fire you. And this has happened to one or two friends of mine, and that I will not mention, but you just need to make sure that whenever you’re doing a substance like marijuana or weed that you’re prepared.

So, there’s a product out there called Clear Choice Sub-Solution, it’s a prank urine kit. Basically what you can do is use the urine kit to pass any drug test and urinalysis test. So, it’s pretty simple to use, you basically order it and we’ve got a link in the description below from where to order it from. You will order it, it’ll come in the mail and you keep it on hand whenever you are ready to take a test.

What we recommend is keeping a stash of it close by just in case something happens and you need to take a test for whatever reason. So, what you do is, you basically follow the instructions on the box, mix it up, slap a heater on it and you’re good to go. The temperature should be between 90 and 100 degrees, it’s really easy to get it to that temperature, just follow the instructions on the box, mix the heater that they give you.

So, you know, UPS does drug test and they may drug test before you’re hired and during, while you’re hired. So, our recommendation is to, our first recommendation is to completely stop smoking or stop using, which is great, but if you do absolutely need to take a test, there is synthetic urine available.

One other thing that I may mentioned is the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox. If you’re ready to stop smoking or you’re ready to stop using, Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox is a very fast detox where, if you’re a heavy user, you can use the full 10 days and you’ll be detoxed within that period of time. And you’ll always pee clean. So, that’s another thing we recommend and hopefully that helps you out a lot.

And, that’s it for today. UPS does drug test and we’ll talk to you soon.