Does UPS Drug Test?

What’s up guys? Welcome to this video. We’re gonna keep this nice, short, and sweet. We’re gonna give you exact information you need to know if UPS drug tests you. Before we get into that, as always, check out the link in the description. Go to It’s got a ton of resources to help you out if you are taking a drug test. So, keep in mind your local laws, and we’ll get right into this video.

So, this Home De- sorry. Does UPS drug test? UPS is going to drug test you, and usually what happens is they will drug test after they have decided that they wanna hire you. So, once they wanna hire you, they basically bring you in, and they’ll say, hey. You just take this five or ten panel drug test. It’s usually urine drug test, 90% of the time. Now, this all depends on your managers, and it depends on the people who are hiring you, and the people in charge of that process. But, usually it’s urine drug test.

The base thing that’s gonna trip you up on this drug test is the marijuana. All the other substances that they test for usually are out of your body within five to at most ten days. So, be aware of that if you’re gonna take a urine test.

Check out the link below to figure out how to pass, and we can help you out with that. So, be aware that once you are hired they will also be doing random drug tests. They don’t always do this, but a lot of times if they suspect things, they will drop a random drug test on you because you are … you know, misbehaving or something’s going on or whatever. So, be prepared for random drug tests. Usually it’s the exact same type if you are hired by them. So, it’s usually a five or ten panel urine drug test.

Keep that in mind when you’re working for them after you’ve been hired and after you’ve taken that first initial drug test. After you take the first one it may not be the last one you take. So, like I said, this is gonna be really short and sweet. Be sure to check out the link in the description below to make sure that you helped out with that type of thing.

Thanks for watching. And, as always, test clean.

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