Does Synthetic Urine go Bad? Expiration and Shelf Life


What’s up, guys? Welcome to this video. Today, we’re talking about if synthetic urine will go bad, how long does it take for synthetic urine to go bad, you know, what to do about it. Maybe you’ve had synthetic urine sitting on your shelves for a while, and you’re concerned that it’s gone bad and that it doesn’t work for any home drug testing kit or personal experiment that you may be doing, or other thing that you may be doing. So, we’re going to get into that real quick.

Before we do that, check out in the link in the description. Right now, in front of me, I’ve just got up our main page, where we direct you to buy fake urine, the places that you can get it online. We are going to get into the topic, but before we do, check your state and local laws, and make sure that you consult a legal professional and make sure you abide by all of your local laws so that you can be compliant with anything that may come your way.

So, does synthetic urine go bad? The short answer is yes, but there is a caveat to that. Whenever you get synthetic urine, you’re probably going to get it in powder form. If you do get it in powder form, the powder can last up to 12 months, and usually past 12 months, if you’re going to use the powder form. If you get it in liquid form, usually that’s less than a week, especially after you mix it up, if it was in powder form, and then you mix it up. It’ll go bad in a couple, you know, three days or something like that, so just be sure to stay on alert for that type of thing. If you do have a powder urine … synthetic urine in some sort of powdered form, you know, you’re going to be good for at least 12 months for that product to still work.

So, in short, yes, synthetic urine can go bad, but a lot of times, it will say on the box what the expiration date is, how much time you have to use it, and all that good stuff, so first thing first, check the box if you haven’t done so already, but if you maybe lost the box, or you don’t have the box, or you’re not sure, you can count on, most of the time, that if it’s in powdered form, it’ll last a year, and if it’s in liquid form and it’s been sitting around for more than three days, or three or five days, I’d get rid of it. So, that’s the answer to that question. Don’t forget to check out the link in the description. Thanks for watching, and as always, you know, thank you for putting up with the video. We’ll talk to you soon.

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