Does Nicotine Show on Drug Tests?

What’s up guys? Today’s topic is if nicotine shows up on our drug test. It is a question that people have because they’re worried that they’re gonna fail a drug test because of nicotine and it’s not going to happen, okay? Nicotine is a legal substance. You can smoke it and be just fine. Unless the drug test is specifically made or is specific to nicotine, then no, it’s not gonna show up on a five-panel drug test or even a 10-panel drug test, and you’re not gonna get dinged for it. You’re not gonna lose your job over it.

The only time that a nicotine test is conducted, is when, I believe, during, like a divorce, if a child is deciding … or, if they’re deciding which parent the child should go to, one of the parents are trying to quit smoking, they’ll test for nicotine to see if they’ve been successful. I think they also test for nicotine before they go into surgery because that can have a great effect on a surgery that happens. So, unless the test is specific to nicotine, and they tell you that, you’re not gonna be tested for nicotine on any drug test. So, if you’re worried about that, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

We do have a bunch of detox products that we are promoting. There’s a link in the description to completely rid your body of any toxins that could show up on a drug test. There should be a link in the description there, but, no I wouldn’t worry too much about nicotine. Unless it’s something private that you’re doing, it’s not illegal, you can’t really get in trouble for it.

Thanks for watching, guys, appreciate it.