Does Home Depot Drug Test?

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that this company administers. You can find them below.

Hey guys, welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about Home Depot’s drug testing policies, or what we know so far about the Home Depot drug testing policies based on the people that have gone through the process and taken drug tests from them.

So, before we get into that I just wanna mention real quick that if you look in the description below there is a link to a website called Clear Drug Tests and you’ll be able to check that out and see all the solutions that you need in order to pass the drug test. No matter what type of test it is, no matter how much time you have and no matter how much you’ve been using. So, it’s a really great resource for anybody who’s looking to pass a drug test. It’s got all the solutions that anyone would need in order to pass without worrying about it or even stressing out about it.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about Home Depot’s drug testing policy. There’s two ways that they do it. The first one is a pre-employment drug test, and the second type is the random drug testing that they do on people who are already employed. The pre-drug test before you get hired usually happens at the last interview process. Once you’ve accepted an offer to work for them, they’ll make you sign a little working for them document that basically says, “You work for us so this is what we want you to do. This is how we want you to act.”

And in that it says that you’re, you may be subjected to a random drug test and they’ll do this, they’ll do this in order to make sure that you comply with their rules and all that type of stuff. But right after you sign that they will give you a drug test just to make sure that you’re going to not be taking, you’re not on drugs before they hire you.

So, that’s the first test. Usually this is either a mouth swab test or a urine test. And they’ll test for the basic, the basic 10 pound drug test. So, things like weed, PCP amphetamines, heroin that type of stuff.

So, in order to pass the first thing that we recommend you do is to stop using whatever it is that you are using. And if it’s in a couple of days or if it’s in a short period of time, the 10 day detox kit is your best bet. There’s a link in the description below. We recommend Toxin Rid. We’ve done tests on this. We’ve studied this and anecdotally we know that this is the best thing to detox from whatever substance that you’re taking. It’s really simple to use. You just take a bunch of pills, take some liquid and follow the instructions on the box and you’ll be good to go.

So, that’s one way to pass, it’s a pretty important test. Another way to pass it is by using synthetic urine. If you check out the link in the description below we’ve got a synthetic urine that has a 200% money back guarantee. We’ve tested it, it’s passed 100% of the time. And it’s just a company that we trust. Check out that link below and you don’t even have to detox when you use synthetic urine. All you have to do is put it into the sample cup, give it to the test administrator, and they’re gonna test it and it’s gonna come back negative so that you can pass.

So that’s a pretty important test, pretty simple. Well actually, I forgot one thing, the mouth swab test. Sometimes what they’ll do instead of a urine test they’ll do a mouth swab. They’ll basically take some of your saliva and test it to make sure that there’s no substances in it. What we recommend for this is called, a product called the Oral Clear Gum. Oral Clear Gum is a saliva neutralizing gum. Basically what you do is you pop it in your mouth and you chew it around for 30 second to 60 second, and after you’re done chewing it for 60 seconds, your saliva is gonna test negative for any substance.

So, you’ll be able to take a mouth swab test 30 minutes after you’re done chewing it. So, that’s a super simple way to pass a mouth swab test. Of course, detoxing will do it as well, but if you’re already using synthetic urine, I would get that in combination with the Oral Clear Gum and you should be good to go for that pre-employment test.

Now, during employment test they’re gonna, it’s the same type of test that they’re gonna give you. It’s just gonna be random. So you never know when it’s gonna happen, what we recommend in this situation is to make sure that you have both products on hand for yourself so that you don’t get popped one day and not be ready.

So have synthetic urine on hand, you’re at office or at work and the Oral Clear Gum same thing. Have it on hand, have it in your pocket and ready to go just in case they pop a test on you. So, that’s it. Pretty easy, pretty simple to pass. Just make sure you have those two products and you should be good to go and thanks for watching and as always test negative.