Does Bank Of America Drug Test?

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that this company administers. You can find them below.

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Bank of America: do they drug test? It’s a question I’m getting for people who are trying to work there. Trying to work as a teller, trying to work in the back end.

So, they’re trying to get a job at Bank of America, and I did some research on the company, and most of the drug tests that they do, especially a pre-employment drug test, is only for safety positions. But they do have it in their documents that they will screen anymore for a pre-employment drug test. So, be careful of that.

During employment, it’s random. Since they’re a corporation, they have to comply with a Drug-Free Workplace Environment. Everyone that they hire must be clean, must not take any drugs, and that’s just federal law.

So, they do have random drug tests. I’d be prepared for those. Likely, it won’t happen, but if they do pull one on you, they could do it within a day, or a couple days. Not exactly sure of the exact time period.

So, what you can do is if you click the link in the description to the Clear Drug Test link, there’s tons of different products on there to pass hair tests, urine tests, and even mouth swab tests.

So, while you’re employed, what I always recommend to people is to get a couple synthetic urine kits from Clear Drug Tests, and you’re gonna pass if you have it on hand, and it will be real easy to do. No sweat off your back.

So, the type of test that they do is a urine test. I haven’t heard of any other type of tests that they’ve done, but it’s a five panel test: testing for THC, cocaine, PCP, opium and amphetamines.

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