Does Amazon Drug Test for Weed?

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that this company administers. You can find them below.

What’s up guys, welcome to this video we’re talking about if Amazon is going to drug test you either before you get hired or after you get hired and will drug test you while you’re on the job. So before we get into that and before we answer all the questions, you need to know about Amazon’s drug testing policies. Go ahead and check out the link in the description below, it’s called, you’ll be about to see all the drug testing solutions you may need if you’re going to work at Amazon, work at somewhere else, or if you have to pass drug tests. We’ve got all the solutions that are super easy to use, super helpful and you’ll pass every single time.

So does Amazon drug test? Amazon will drug test you in two instances, random drug tests and the pre-employment test. Now the pre-employment test, what’s gonna happen is you’ll be on track to get hired, you may get hired, and before you get hired, you have to sign this document saying that you’re subjected to random drug tests and that type of thing. The crazy thing is they don’t give you a copy of it, and they will actually take it from you and you won’t ever get to see the drug testing policy besides that one time they’ll make you sign it. So it’s really hard to get a hold of the exact policy that you’ll be subjected to, but we know that for a fact that they have randomly drug tested people and will continue to conduct random drug tests.

The thing about Amazon is that they’re a publicly traded company, they’re a huge company, so they’ve a lot of liability on the line, so they will be proactive in drug testing so much so that usually normal companies will do a urine test every once in a while, or if they feel like it. But Amazon’s on another level, they will also do random mouth swab drug tests. Now these are really quick and easy to do, so what’s gonna happen is they will basically say, they’ll call you over the intercom, or what … They’ll get a hold of you in some way and say, “Hey, please come to our office in 30 minutes. We’re gonna do a mouth swab … We’re gonna swab your mouth to make sure you’re not taking drugs.”

So at that point in time, you literally have 60 seconds to 90 seconds to get to the office, and they’ll drug test you like that, so it’s on the spot. A lot of times when this happens, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it except something that we’ll show you. So for … We’ll get into that real quick, but before we get into the mouth swab test, how to avoid that, what they do is a normal five to 10 panel urine drug test before you get employed.

So the way to pass that is to obviously stop using, use detox products to stop using quickly if that’s something that you wanna do. Another way to do it that’s a little different is to use synthetic urine. Check out the links in the description below for the synthetic urine and those detox products to make sure that you can actually get the job and pass with no problem. That’s how you can pass the pre-employment test.

Now the random drug test for urine, that type of thing, it works the same way as the mouth swab test, you would have to … You won’t have much time, but you can pass the urine test the same way you passed the urine test to get into the job. There’s synthetic urine out there, there’s also those detox products, and of course the best solution is stop using. So let’s get the to mouth swab test.