Where to Buy Clear Choice Sub Solution

Going through a drug test should not be taken lightly as it could land you to your favorite job or make you completely unemployed. Failing a drug test could also exclude you from competing in a sport even after dedication, self-sacrifice and training you’ve gone through to enter. With the current technology at its best, testing equipment have become very sensitive and detect even the smallest trace of a controlled substance in your system. If you’re preparing to undergo a drug test soon, don’t panic. I was once in your position and the good news is that I passed and because I care so much about you, I will tell you about Clear Choice Sub-Solution and why it will make you pass the drug test and make your dreams come true.

The best synthetic urine that we will recommend.

Even though I learned about Clear Choice Sub-Solution recently, it was launched in 2002 and I’m confident to say that it’s the best. It comes in a powder form which makes it exceptional and better when compared to pre-mixed liquid solutions. You mix it with water on the day you are likely to take the exam and you don’t have to worry about the components in the bottle separating because it won’t and it remains fresh. Another reason I loved this product is that it will serve you for a long time; it will not expire when you open or become ineffective with time and will always be effective anytime you need it.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution is made with eleven ingredients some of which include urea and uric acid which are found in human urine. Therefore, this secret urine formula balances pH and creatinine levels and at the same time makes the real thing undetectable. To be more specific, many organizations that do urine test have realized that many people are using fake urine. Therefore, they look for the presence of biocide which is an unnatural preservative common in most brands of fake urine and they can tell whether your sample is fake or not. The good news is that Clear Choice Sub-Solution doesn’t have biocide and your sample will look real.

After buying this secret urine formula, it will come along with a heat activator powder and a mixing bottle with thermometer strip. Mix the powder with tap water into the mixing container and the strip on the side will tell you whether the material is at the recommended temperature or not.

Naturally, human urine from the body has a temperature that ranges from 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and if the temperature of your content is between this range, the strip will be green. If you realize it’s below, you’ll need to add the heat activation ingredients. If you mistakenly add too much heat activation solution, don’t panic as you can cool it off by placing the mixing container against a cold surface or the floor. As a rule of thumb, its advisable to mix the Clear Choice Sub-Solution before you go in for the test to prevent false readings of the temperature.


• It resembles real human urine
• Unisex synthetic urine thus perfect for both males and females
• It is 100% effective and will work on any type of test
• You can manage the temperature of your sample
• It comes in powdered form hence you only mix when need be
• Has a long life and does not separate after mixing
• Totally undetectable


• It’s costly
• With the demand for fake urine on the rise, Clear Choice Sub-Solution runs out of stock
• Given that it comes in a powder form, some people fear to mix it

Final thoughtsAccording to this review, some people would still ask whether Clear Choice Sub-Solution works. The answer to that question is that it really works. I have tried it and it has never disappointed. If you’ve been failing drug test from time to time even after trying several fake urines, its time you try Clear Choice Sub-Solution and be confident while undergoing a drug test because you’ll definitely pass and make your dream a reality.

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