Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review- Does it work vs Mega Clean?

Having done a number of drug tests, I can assure that Mega Clean Detox is the most effective detox product there is in the market. On the same note I would urge you to keep off Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse since it has failed to work for me at times I very much needed it to work.

Concerning the question you asked about whether Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse works perfectly, I can tell you upfront that this product does not work reliably and is prone to fail. It cost me a very promising job due to a failed drug test late last summer. I am regular weed smoker, and upon learning that I was due for an interview that involved a 10 panel drug test, I knew that I had to seek out a solution to cleanse my urine. I came across Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse which I purchased from an authorized dealer. I passed all the stages of the interview, except the drug test, for which I ended up being very embarrassed. As if that was not enough, I decided to take part in a local anti-drugs campaign that had terrific benefits. One of the requirements was that I had to pass the drugs test. I was skeptical about using Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, but a friend of mine recommended that I follow instructions to the letter. I failed the drug test once again.

Dismayed, I took it upon myself to get a solution to my problem. Right when I was about to give up, I came across Mega Clean Detox in one of my tedious online searches. I ordered the product and used the 3-day shipping plan. I received the product in 2 days, and its arrival coincided with a successful job application. To my surprise, I passed the drug test. Although I did not get the job, I was happy that I had discovered a perfect solution. Towards the end of last year, I had a series of interviews for Software engineering gigs in high profile tech companies. I was required to take drug tests in almost every interview. I used Mega Clean Detox all the time and passed every single drug test. I am now a well-paid employee, all thanks to Mega Clean Detox.

Below are some of the major highlights on Mega Clean Detox to prove its effectiveness:

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Conclusion: Forget Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, it is bound to fail. Choose Mega Clean Detox for guaranteed results.


Directions to use Mega Clean Detox to cleanse the piss in Marijuana: Shake the bottle with the Mega Clean Detox. Drink detox. Wait for about 15 minutes, refill with water and drink. Urinate several times before the drug test.

Where should I purchase Mega Clean Detox ?

Is it possible to use Mega Clean Detox for THC detox if I want to pass a urine drug test?

Can I use Mega Clean detox if I want to pass a saliva test ?

Is it true that it flushes cannabis from the blood system quickly?

How long does Mega Clean Detox last?
It takes effect in an hour and lasts for five hours

Mega Clean Detox instructions

1. Avoid greasy foods before the test.
2. Avoid alcoholic beverages, toxic drugs and unnecessary medication for two days before the test.
3. Consume six, 16-ounce glasses of water every day before the drug test.
4. Take the 6 PreCleanse capsules within a timeframe of 12 to 24 hours before your test.
5. Consume close to 20 ounces of water in a sequence of two hours before consuming Mega Clean Detox and after drinking it.
6. Take only light meals
7. Use Mega Clean Detox on the day you take the test.
8. Shake your bottle and drink the Mega Clean Detox
9. Wait for 15 minutes, refill the bottle with water and drink
10. Urinate a lot

Ingredients in Mega Clean Detox

Every Mega Clean Detox drink given you consume contains the following ingredients:

• Vitamin A
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin D
• Biotin
• Creatinine Monohydrate-It is used because creatinine levels are checked during tests and if they are too low, your urine sample will be perceived as being dilute, and you may end up being forced to repeat the drug test.
• Chromium
• Calcium
• Folate
• Manganese
• Niacin
• Selenium
• Thiamin
• Pantothenic Acid
• Zinc

Herbs used in the Mega Clean Detox

Some herbs are also used in the Mega Clean Detox due to their benefits listed below:

i) Taurine –It improves your metabolism.

ii) Stevia- It is an effective cleanser and a flavouring agent.

iii) Uva Ursi-Cleanses your kidney and your bladder.

iv) Milk Thistle-It detoxifies the liver.

v) Devil’s Claw-It cleanses your kidney and liver.

vi) Fruit Fiber- It clears up your digestive tract.

vii) Burdock Root- It is an effective diuretic and plasma cleanser.

About Detoxify LLC

Detoxify LLC has been in business for more than 20 years now and has sold over 20 million products as of now. The quality of their line of products, including Mega Clean Detox has made them famous in the market.

The pros and cons of using Mega Clean Detox


-Contains B-Vitamins to provide energy and color to urine
-Has many other vitamins and electrolytes
-Effective and works very fast
-Has herbs which clean urine

-It is expensive
-has very many ingredients in one a single drink which may not be safe for some people

Frequently asked questions about Mega Clean Detox

Q. Can daily weed smokers rely on Mega Clean Detox to pass a drug test?
A. Yes

Q. Will using Mega Clean Detox help me get clean for a drug test due in two weeks?
A. Yes

Q. I need to clean up my system with Mega Clean Detox in less than five days, how soon can it get delivered to me?
A. You can use the three days shipping option to have it delivered to you in 2-3 days.

Q. Can I pass a ten panel drug screen if I use Mega Clean Detox?
A. Yes

Q. How fast does Mega Clean Detox work?
A. Within an hour of consumption. It has a maximum effect at three hours and works up to five hours.