Low Priced Synthetic Urine For Sale

What’s up guys, welcome to this video. Today we’re talking about the cheapest synthetic urine that you can buy and still pass your drug test. We don’t always recommend going with the cheapest option available, because the quality of synthetic urine that you get depends on how likely it is that it’s going to pass during the lab or fake urine, or the urinalysis.

Upon reviewing all the different synthetic urine’s that we’ve taken a look at over the years, we’ve done test on the highest quality synthetic urine’s out there. But the UPass synthetic urine is one that we recommend if you’re going to go with the cheap option. It’s designed by a good company that’s been around for quite a long time. They use cheaper products to get it together and we haven’t completely tested it through a thorough study. But it mimics all the exact things that you need to pass a regular lab drug test. So it mimics the smell of real urine and it has the correct PH levels that are between 4.5 and 8.1, I believe. It also matches all the creatinine levels that are present in a real human body urine.

The success rate is something that we haven’t proved completely yet, but we’re pretty confident that if we recommend UPass, it’s something that we can stand behind and it is one of the cheapest synthetic urine’s. So if you click the link in the description below it should be able to take you to a page where you can get synthetic urine. The place that we recommend buying it from is from myfakeurine.com. So here it is, Upass synthetic urine, it’s $29.95 and they also give you a discount if you buy three kits. So it’s always a good idea to buy three kits, because one of them you can test. Another one you can use, and another one you can store away in at your office or wherever it is that you work, just in case they do pop a urine test on you.

So it comes with a bunch of different things. It comes with a rubber band, the hand warmers, the caps for it. It also comes with a little squirt cap that makes it easy for you to squirt the urine out, make it look like you’re urinating.

Overall it’s a pretty good company, it’s the one that we recommend if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a high quality urine like the Test Negative Clear Choice Sub-Solution. But that is our first recommended product. That one’s $75, so if for another $45 … I think it is, yeah, for another $45 you can get a synthetic urine that is almost guaranteed to pass every single time.

So that’s our recommendation for the cheapest synthetic urine out there. Hope everyone does well and always, test negative.