Certo For A Drug Test- THE TRUTH ON IF IT WORKS!

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Other ways to pass a drug test:

What’s up, guys? Today, we’re answering all of your questions on Certo and how to use it to pass a drug test. We’re going to get into that real quick, but just before we get into that, check out the link in the description below, drugtestingreviews.com. It’s got all the products that you need to pass a drug test with flying colors, pass it easily, quickly, and effectively.

So let’s get into today’s topic. Certo, does it work to pass a drug test? Basically, what it is is fruit pectin that’s used to flavor things. It’s very tart, and people are saying that they’re mixing it with Gatorade and they’re using it to pass a drug test. They’ve been saying that they pour it in their Gatorade, they shake it up, and they drink it. It tastes really bad, and it gives them a stomachache, but it coats their liver or their kidneys, so that when they pee, they don’t have any of the toxins in their urine.

So I just kind of wanted to debunk this myth out there. Guys, if you drink Certo, it’s not going to stop the THC from coming out of your urine, unfortunately. I know everyone’s tight on money. I know it’s hard to fork out some money to get a real detox, to make sure that you pass your drug test for your job. I know that’s hard, but there are no quick fixes and quick solutions out there. You’ve got to be able to take a look the reality and see exactly what’s going to work to pass a drug test.

Certo doesn’t work, guys. We’ve tested it, and we’ve tested against all of our different synthetic urines. We’ve tested it against Toxin Rid and all the different detox products out there that you can check out in the link in the description below, and Certo has failed a drug test for us every time, guys. What I think happens is people find out that there’s a way to pass a drug test for free, so they go and they get their Certo, and they try and make sure that they drink their Certo, but in the meantime, they’re stopping smoking, or they’re stopping doing drugs, and their body naturally detoxifies anyway, because they’ve stopped for 30 days. So what they do is they say, “Oh, I took the Certo, and now it works, and now you can pass a drug test with Certo.” Well, little did they know, they actually stopped smoking 30 days ago, and they just took Certo just to be on the safe side.

So I’m sorry that that’s how it is, but what we recommend, if you’re going to pass a drug test, is to take a product called Toxin Rid. They’ve got a detox program that’s about 10 days long. If you’re a heavy smoker, basically you’ll go through this 10-day detox program and you’ll be completely free of any toxins, as long as you’re not using while you’re doing the program. You’ll be able to pass a urine drug test no problem. People are able to pass all sorts of drug tests without any problem.

This is the program we recommend, because it’s the most comprehensive. It’s got liquid that you can drink. It’s got the pre-rid tablets and the detox tablets that have all of the best ingredients, to make sure that you will be completely detoxed before the test. This is something that has been developed over many, many, many years. Testclear.com is the company that created it, and they’ve done testing on this with people who are big, small, people who have slow metabolisms and people who are prone to have these toxins stay in their body for a long time. So, I just want to let you guys know that this product is out there. Click the link in the description below. And there’s also synthetic urine that you can use to pass a drug test if you don’t have the 10 days to detox.

That’s it for the video today. Thanks for watching, guys. We want to make sure that you get the best ingredients and the best products in order to pass a drug test and not be persuaded by these home remedies that will get you nowhere and potentially lose your job. And before I go, I had a friend who actually took Certo, or believed that Certo would work, and he was getting tested. He was a truck driver, and he went to work, he took the test, and he tried to pass using this Certo method. I don’t tell this story a lot, because it’s a dear friend of mine, but he went to the … basically went to work, took the test, and he failed, and what happened was he had a CDL license. The CDL license was taken away, and he doesn’t have that job anymore, and he has no way to make anymore money. So, guys, it’s real. Certo doesn’t work. I would highly recommend you get a detox product that works or synthetic urine, and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks so much.