Can You Sweat Out THC In The Sauna?

What’s up guys? The question of the day today is, can you sweat THC out of your body, whether it’s through exercise or using a sauna and that type of thing? It sounds like there’d be some legitimacy to this question and we’re going to answer this exact question and tell you exactly how it works. But before we get into that, check out the link in the description below. Go to and take a look at all the solutions that you need in order to pass a drug test easily, quickly and safely. This is a place where you can find all the materials and information that you need on passing drug tests so you never have to worry about taking a drug test ever again and you can pass with flying colors without ever even worrying about it.

Let’s get into today’s topic, can you sweat out THC? In general, when you’re talking about THC, what THC does … in general you can sweat out THC, but you’re not going to select out the metabolites that get detected in the drug test or get detected in an analysis of your urine and that type of thing. If you’re trying to sweat out THC, it’s not going to work as far as that regard. Yes, going into the sauna can speed up your metabolism and burn fat and in that sense, you can get rid of THC in your fat cells through a secondary, what you call a secondary type of elimination.

The reason that you’re not sweating it out is because those metabolites are stored in the fat, not in your sweat. The fat is where you’re going to have to target in order to get it out of your body. You’re going to have to do this your metabolism and different detox products can help speed this up. Rather than sweating it out, what we always recommend if you’re trying to detox from THC is The Toxin Rid 10-day detox program. It’s a super simple program that you can follow. There’s a link in the description below, but basically you get this detox kit, they send it to you in the mail. You’ve got pre-rid tablets and pills that you take every day for the 10 days and then there’s a detox drink at the end of the detox to help flush out your system. This helps a lot because it actually targets those metabolites in your fat and it will allow you to pass drug tests and get completely detoxed from THC in a very short period of time.

Overall no, sweating doesn’t help you get rid of the THC because the THC metabolites are stored in your body, but check out Toxin Rid and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks guys.