Best Fake Urine For A Drug Test

—-2019 Update—-

After many accounts of Sub-solution having problems during the test. We are deciding to recommend Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit as our top choice. After doing extensive testing and ongoing testing, the numbers fall in favor of TestClear’s product. Over time we have noticed Test Clear has an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality products. This is most likely due to the fact that they have been around the longest and continually adapt to the changing landscape of drug tests. 


What’s up, guys? Welcome to this video. Today we are talking about the best synthetic urine for a drug test. Before we get into that, we’re gonna do a quick promo here. Check out the link in the description below. If you look at, you can go there, check it out. There’s a ton of stuff on there that’s gonna help you decide, and help you clear a drug test very easily, very quickly without any hassle or any worry. We test a lot of things on there. We looked at what works on there, and basically it’ll answer any question you have for whatever type of drug test that you have coming up, so be sure to check that out and we’ll get into today’s topic for today’s video.

The best synthetic urine that we’ve discovered has come from a long time of testing, anecdotal evidence, stories from friends, and there’s a lot of people out there saying that Quick Fix is a good synthetic urine solution, and I’m sure it is. We’ve done some testing on Quick Fix and there was a couple times that, either hearing through friends and a couple of times that we’ve testing on our own home drug tests, where Quick Fix has failed. So we test the new Quick Fix, and we’ve done that, but that’s … I think it’s a good product but because of those failures and because of that anecdotal evidence, we can’t recommend it.

What we do recommend is Clear Choice Sub-solution. Check out the link in the description below. There’s a link to this page on Test Negative, but if you get synthetic, Clear Choice Subsolution, we’re 100% confident that it’s gonna work for you. The good thing about Clear Choice and where you’re getting it from, from that link in that description below, a lot of times this company gives you a 200% double your money back guarantee and they also have free shipping on some items, as well.

We’ve tested it and we realized a lot of the reasons that it works is that it balances pH, it has uric acid, which is something new that lab tests have been testing for, and it just does everything for the lab test that we’ve been giving it to. So a lot of times what people will do is they’ll buy two and they’ll use one as a test run on their own test kits and that type of thing to make sure it works, and then they’ll use the other one to actually take the test. So that’s something that we recommend, too. And if you’re gonna be subjected to drug tests regularly, we also suggest just storing one just in case a random drug test happens.