THC Detox Kits for Marijuana Drug Tests

Today, drug tests have become more advanced making it almost impossible to cheat the system. In this regard, it is wise to eliminate the weed from your system rather than just disguising the toxins. A marijuana detox kit can be the ideal solution in removing toxins from the body altogether and help you pass that test that you were not prepared to take. I will guide you to the best THC detox drinks and kits for weed. But, first things first…

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can stay in the body longer than most drugs do. That’s because, it is fat-soluble in nature, and thus the fat cells in the body readily capture the molecule and releases it into the bloodstream steadily. From the blood, it goes into hair, urine, and saliva.
Nonetheless, the period that weed stays in your body depends on different aspects including cannabis ingestion frequency and total body fat and its metabolism rate in an individual.
For the urine test, a THC detection timespan is averagely at:

– 3 days or 72 hours for a single user
– 7 days for moderate users or those who smoke up to 5 times per week
– 14 days for heavy users or those that smoke daily but in short-term
– 30 days for chronic heavy users or long-term weed enthusiasts

Detoxification Process For Weed

Failing a drug exam does involve negative consequences such as being fired or not getting the job. Weed cleanse is a process of detoxifying from THC and its metabolites. While there are various THC detox kits and drinks, most are designed to achieve quicker detoxification by increasing the release of THC via the urine.

THC Detox Myths

GNC for THC Detox

Have you ever heard of anyone that has used a GNC detox to pass toxin assessment and actually passed? Well, neither have I. That’s because, GNC simply lacks cannabis detox products. You may find GNC in form of herbal and colon cleanses, and they may claim that it will detoxify THC. The fact is, it doesn’t, and THC detox does work through feces excretion.

Herbal remedies

I do not know how this even started, but I have seen all over the internet assertions that you can fight herb with herb. Some even recommend the remedies for the hair follicle drug test (the toughest drug test to pass). That is way too far-fetched. There is no real scientific evidence that any of the herbal remedies can be of any use in weed detox.

The Best THC Detox Kits

Ultimately, there is no talking yourself out of a failed drug test. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared by using the best THC detox drinks and kit to help you pass the drug test. Let’s explore the best two THC detox kits:

Toxin RID

Toxin Rid is one of the most effective detox kits on the market. While it seems more expensive than other detox products on the market, the job well done in thorough cleansing is worth the price. It is completely natural, contains no animal products, fillers, or synthetic. Rather, it uses minerals, herbs, and vitamins to flush toxins comfortably and safely. It comes as a three-part cleanse with liquid detox, pre-rid tablets, and dietary fiber to ensure that THC actually leaves your system.

If you have been exposed to extreme toxins levels and have time, I highly recommend the 10-day Toxin Rid for the most thorough experience. Nonetheless, if you are not a heavy smoker and have no such time, you can use the 5-day Toxin Rid package: the results are impeccable.

Herbal clean Qcarbo32

Herbal clean Qcarbo32 is a fast-acting detox kit that can provide you with clean urine to help you pass drug assessment. The one-step Eliminex is designed for people with higher levels of toxins or large body mass. It contains natural diuretics to ensure that you pass urine more frequently so as to expel more toxins. It also consists of B-vitamins to make sure that your urine maintains its natural color and Creatine to restore whatever you are losing from frequent passage of urine. Besides, its satisfaction and reliability are simply undeniable.

The Takeaway

To avoid failing a drug test, it is essential to have a body system that is free from THC. A THC detox kit is the ideal solution for weed smokers who want to pass sudden assessments. Not to mention that using it will allow you to go for the test carefree and have peace of mind about the results.

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