Best Fake Pee For Drug Test

    At some point, you know that you will be required to take a drug test. You also know that testing positive for marijuana could have devastating consequences. This is why it is so important that you find the best synthetic urine for passing a drug screen before your marijuana use can complicate your personal and professional life. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further. After looking at the numerous options on the market, we’ve determined the best synthetic urine for making certain any drug test you take comes back clean.

    So, which synthetic urine is it? It’s Clear Choice’s® Quick Luck Pre-Mixed Urine Kit.

The History of Clear Choice®

     Clear Choice has been on the market for 25 years. During that time, they have created a line of products that have been proven to effectively eliminate ANY toxin from your body. Best of all, their products are effective for urine, saliva, and hair follicle tests, which is definitely worth remembering for the future.

      Created to mimic human urine, Clear Choice’s top secret synthetic urine formula is the result of plenty of research and lab testing. As a result, it contains the same components found in your own urine, such as uric acid, and is balanced for specific gravity, pH, and creatinine. This is crucial because most drug tests look for the presence of these three things when trying to decide if a sample is authentic urine. Drug tests also evaluate temperature to be certain the urine is “fresh” and hasn’t been stored in case you are randomly called for drug screen. Of course, Clear Choice takes care of this problem using heat pads included in the kit.

       The directions are very easy to follow and are provided in simple terms to ensure there is no confusion on your part.

What’s Included with the Quick Luck Pre-Mixed Urine Kit?

      The kit contains a 3 oz. container of toxin-free, unisex synthetic urine that is safely sealed, as well as two heating pads and Clear Choice’s Heat Activator Powder, which raises the urine’s temperature in just seconds. (An absolute must for surprise drug tests.)

      To ensure the testing process goes smoothly, there are several additional products you can choose to purchase to pass your drug screen without raising any suspicion, such as an incognito belt and stash undies.(Stash undies will come in very handy if your drug test will be observed.)

What Others are Saying About the Quick Luck Pre-Mixed Urine Kit

      It shouldn’t be a big surprise that there are very few reviews for any brand of synthetic urine on the market. (There are even a few that have no third-party reviews at all.) Those who have left reviews have nothing but good things to say about Clear Choice products, often referring to it as “the best synthetic urine for passing a drug test hands down.” No one reports that their drug test results were anything but clean after using Clear Choice’s synthetic urine.

The Clear Choice® Guarantee

     Although Clear Choice synthetic urine prices are a bit on the expensive side, you can expect a high-quality synthetic urine that works. In fact, the company is so sure that you drug test will comeback clean that they offer a 200% money back guarantee. Since you won’t find any other synthetic urine with this impressive guarantee, it is pretty obvious that the company stands behind their product.

A Few Final Thoughts

         When it comes to finding the best synthetic urine for passing a drug test, you get what you pay for. This isn’t the time to be cheap or try a new product that isn’t backed by people who have been in a situation similar to yours. Opt for a product you can trust, like the Clear Choice Quick Luck Pre-Mixed Urine Kit discussed above.

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