Best Detox Pills for Weed & Marijuana- Cannabis Detoxification

Best Detox Pills for Weed

It is not rocket science that the ideal way of passing a drug test is to detoxify naturally and have a drug free body system. But, this might take weeks or months, and if it is an impromptu test, you do not have that time. The good news is that detox pills for weed can work for any type of drug metabolite including the THC. From my experience, I understand that not every detox pill will work and hence you need to know which ones to use.

How Does Detox Pills For Weed Work?

The detox kit we recommend that includes all the best detox pills.

After smoking weed, the body converts its active ingredient, THC, into metabolites that move around your bloodstream and eventually expelled out of the system. Actually, the body is efficient at getting rid of these toxins, but the more you put in, the harder it will work and the longer it might take.

The best detox pills for weed work as accelerators by supplying the body with the elements it requires to work better. They activate and enhance the functionality of body organs that deal with specific drug metabolites and thus, they increase toxins expulsion rate.

Detox Pills for Drug Test vs. Detox Drinks: What is The Difference?

Detox pills and detox drinks is often a confusion that costs most people dearly. A detox pill helps the body to flush out toxins permanently by fast tracking its natural system to work more efficiently and faster.
Conversely, a detox drink simply masks the toxins in your body temporarily by flushing the toxins that reach the bladder. Therefore, it gives you just an opportunity window to submit the samples and then the toxins in the body move into the bladder where they are still detectable.

What Is The Best Way To Detox Naturally For A Drug Test?

Natural detox could be easier to achieve than you think especially if you are a light or moderate weed smoker. Based on how heavy your smoking is, I recommend the following easy-to-follow, straightforward steps for about 3-4 weeks:

-Stop smoking weed
-Cut out caffeine and alcohol
-Eat healthily including fiber, lots of veggies, and fruits. Consider eating small but regular meals to keep your system supplied with nutrients it needs.
-Go to the sauna, do exercises, and sleep amply.
-Drink sufficient water– That is 8 x 8oz glasses a day.

Weed Detox-Pill Scams You Should Avoid

While searching for detox pills to buy, you can see some on Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, Amazon, and other large general online retailers. Most of these are scams or are just not made to detox your system from toxins. From what I noted, the amount of time they claim you will need to detoxify is generally the time it would take naturally anyway. I will help you rule out stuff that won’t detox you for a drug test and my advice has always been to steer clear of such products:

Detoxify Instant Clean

The product is heavily marketed as an “instant clean.” But after I visited big online retailer sites like Amazon, I found that it currently has 55% one-star reviews with most of them simply saying that it does not work.

THC Total Herbal Clean

Abbreviating its name THC, the manufacturer of THC Total Herbal Clean simply alludes that it is a detox for weed smoker. But, that is not the case, it is a bland herbal cleanse whose evidence shows that it does not work. Take it upon yourself and look around the internet and you will find vast negative reviews.


Niacin is a prescribed medicine, not a detox product. There is no evidence that it actually helps with a cleanse and more so no one knows the right dosage. In every website or YouTube videos, you will get a different dosage and time period stated. Experimenting with this product is dangerous as too much of it can intentionally cause liver failure.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the best detox pills for weed will help the natural body detoxification allowing you to get through a drug test hustle-free. In fact, based on my detox experiences I would vouch for one brand that has worked repeatedly- the 10-day Toxin Rid. It comes as a three-part system, which includes pre-rid tablets, a liquid detox component, and dietary fiber. Thus, it is not only powerful but it can also detoxify your body safely and quickly even if you have been exposed to extreme toxins levels.

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