Do Bankers Get Drug Tested?

In short, the answer is YES, they drug test. But, there are many simple and easy ways to get around this. We’ve compiled the best products to specifically the drug tests that they administer to bankers. You can find them below.

What’s up! Do banks drug test? That’s a question I’ve been getting lately. People are wanting to know, “Hey, I’m working at a bank,” or, “I’m about to work at this bank, I want to know if they drug test.” And so, people want to know in general do banks drug test, and am I subjected to one if I start working there? Well, banks are part of a federal conglomerate because they have to deal with money, so they’re watched by the FDC. They have to use certain guidelines and comply with certain guidelines because they handle money. They’re more governed by the government because of this fact.

If you were wondering if they drug test, we’re going to go over a couple of things that may help you out. The first one is employee and random drug tests. Do they conduct those? When do they conduct those? What makes them want to conduct those? We’re going to go over that question. We’re going to go over pre-employment drug test. Will they drug test me during the interview? Will they drug test me before I start the job? Am I going to have to take a drug test in order to get the job? We’re going to go over those questions that you may have.

What do they drug test for? If I’m doing a certain substance is that going to show up on their drug test? Is it going to hinder me if I use that certain substance and not other substance? That’s another question we’re going to ask as well. We’re also going to look at what type of tests that they use. So, do they urine test? A mouth swab test? Hair test? Or anything else like that. These are all pretty simple questions, obviously it varies bank to bank but almost most banks in general will give you a pre-employment drug test.

If you’re applying at a bank and you think you’re going to get the job, you’re almost there, I would definitely make sure that you are getting ready for that drug test before you get the job. It’s pretty easy to pass. There’s something called synthetic urine that companies make, that exactly mimic what urine is, and it’s able to pass those lab tests very easily. If you click on the link in the description below it will take you to a page where you can find the best synthetic urine that we’ve tested and that we’ve used for a long time.

Do they do employee or random drug tests? Yes they do but only on a limited basis. From what the federal guidelines outline, is that if somebody shows up to work and they’re suspected to be on drugs, or they’re suspected to be using drugs, the company can go ahead and administer a drug test pretty quickly. If that’s something that concerns you, having synthetic urine on hand, and even at the office, will really help you out and ease your mind when it comes to that type of thing.

The only type of test they really use is a urine test. I haven’t heard about a whole lot of banks using a hair test or a saliva test. I would be prepared for a 5 panel urine test, they test for all the main things like amphetamines and THC, and of course THC is the big one cause it lasts the longest in your body.

So, that’s our advice for if banks drug test. Just watch out for what bank you’re going to. If you think you’ll be suspected of doing drugs make sure that you get with them, and make sure that you have synthetic urine on hand for whatever bank it is that you’re working for. Thanks for watching guys. I appreciate it, and as always, test negative.